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Faux Pas 101: Nora Fatehi’s Recent Outfit Is How You DON’T Work The Print-On-Print Pairing

Faux Pas 101: Nora Fatehi’s Recent Outfit Is How You DON’T Work The Print-On-Print Pairing

When it comes to noteworthy looks, Nora Fatehi has mastered numerous fashion tricks, some of which we saw at her recent stint as a reality show judge. Be it Indian wear or the rest, you can rely on her to ace the look. But for once, the actress’s recent outfit didn’t live up to the expectations, something that has happened to the best of us. There’s always a next time but what if we told you how to avoid a faux-pas early on?

Nora Fatehi’s Recent Airport Look

Continue reading to know more about the actress’s latest look and how to avoid a mismatch with print pairing. 

A Print-On-Print Blunder

Nora Fatehi print-on-print



For her recent airport look, Nora Fatehi opted for a pair of floral print jeans tapered at the hem. Complete with a belt and varied sizes of flowers emblazoned all over, it made for a cool choice. The problem, you ask? The Bollywood actress tried the print-on-print look, teaming her jeans from Desigual with a half-sleeved shirt. Featuring a dual colour tone and the same print as the jeans, it would have made for a normal pairing if not for such an overpowering vibe that it brought. 

The head-to-toe print with two colourways that weren’t able to come through, an ill-fit involving the tucked in shirt and pairing of accessories that didn’t fit in with the outfit made it a miss. Worn separately and teamed with solid co-ords or different iterations, the options would still have worked. 

Acing The Print-On-Print Look

Nora Fatehi faux pas



To avoid making a blunder, there are some areas you could pay attention to when opting for the long-established print-on-print trend. Here’s taking a look at some tips that might help. 

—Don’t let your chosen outfits overpower your entire look. Create a balance by introducing a different colour or a print. 
—The same print but make it different sizes, playing with proportions to mix and match. 
—When in doubt, add a neutral colour to the outfit; white and black are fail-safe options that will set you for smooth sailing. 
—You can also go to the bolder side, adding an edgy print or pattern, think animal or abstract, to your chosen print. 
To give credit where it’s due, the actress’s beauty look was impeccable, and one might take a few notes out of it to make things work. We suggest adding to cart some makeup finds that will come in handy with all your outfits, no matter what the occasion. 

Go on, try out the print-on-print look for yourself!
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06 Oct 2020

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