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Nora Fatehi Took Logomania To A Whole New Level & We Don’t Know What To Make Of It

Nora Fatehi Took Logomania To A Whole New Level & We Don’t Know What To Make Of It

What would you say if you were asked about a fashion find in your closet featuring the ubiquitous logo trend? In all probability, it would be a cap, a tote or perhaps a tee emblazoned with the signature logo of your preferred brand. Not really surprising, for logo-emblazoned merch has always had its moments, ruling international runways such as those of Fendi and Off-White and making its way to the Instagram feed through influencers. In a recent outing, Nora Fatehi too, delved into the prominent trend, except, it wasn’t as subtle as you would have wished.

Nora Fatehi’s Latest Outfit

So without further ado, here’s taking a look at the Bollywood actress’s tryst with a logo-centric staple and how it fared. Continue scrolling to take a look. 

All In The Logo

Nora Fatehi in a logo-emblazoned outfit



Adding a snapshot of her OOTD on Instagram, as one does, Nora Fatehi was spotted all decked up for winter. A vibrant blue polo neck and a pair of jeans made for the basics that she layered with another top in dark brown. So far so good? Well, the latter came with the unmissable Louis Vuitton monogram emblazoned all over and when put together with the bright blue and the darker denim, didn’t really work in the actress’s favour. She further layered a camel coat atop her separates, which, had it been incorporated minus the blue polo neck, would have worked remarkably. 

Here, all that stood out was Nora Fatehi’s all-over logo pick and while some may really vouch for the super expensive pick from the French luxury brand, we think the actress could have given it a miss (or styled differently, perhaps).

On the accessories and makeup front, her selections worked well. A round tote, sleek pumps in black and a matching belt were visible on the accessories front while in terms of her beauty look, Nora Fatehi rounded it up with a subtle lip colour and eyeshadow. Should you be looking to shop similar products for your closet, scroll down for our recommendations. 

Do’s & Don’ts

Wondering what to do and what not to do when wearing logo-heavy apparel? Here goes:


—You decide how much of a logo-centric look you can carry off effortlessly. In case it feels too OTT, skip a separate (or two). 
—When teaming it with outerwear, try to opt for something that complements it, rather than creating a mismatch. 
—Go easy on the other separates in terms of colour and print if a logo is the highlight of your look. 
—And, of course, there is always the subtle route, i.e. keeping it minimal but striking.

Looking to add some cool logo versions for your wardrobe? Here’s all you need!

No harm trying a bit of logomania but don’t go all OTT with it!

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19 Jan 2021

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