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Trust Us, Nora Fatehi’s Festive Saree Is Exactly How You Jazz Up The Traditional Drape

Trust Us, Nora Fatehi’s Festive Saree Is Exactly How You Jazz Up The Traditional Drape

Considering that the saree is no longer confined to just the tried-and-tested formats, all we can say in the matter is that the more, the merrier. Having evolved into experimental renditions with an array of alternatives available, there is no reason the saree shouldn’t be on your go-to list when it comes to any festive and/or wedding outing. Looking for hints that help? Nora Fatehi’s recent take on it make for a strong case in point. 

Nora Fatehi’s Gold-Toned Saree

Intrigued? Below, a complete lowdown of the saree that the actress wore for you to see and emulate whenever required. Read on.   


An Ultra-Modern Iteration

Nora Fatehi saree



Hitting the ball out of the park with her festive look, Nora Fatehi opted for a new-age saree with gold undertones and metallic details. Featuring scattered glitzy dots all over, the six-yard attire came with scalloped edges and embellished details that made for a striking appearance. A refreshing take on the traditional garment, the actress’s version from the label Faabiiana is ideal for outings that require you to don Indian wear attires that you can impart your own spin to. Going a step ahead in terms of a non-conformist approach, she chose to team it with a corset-like blouse that came complete with tone-on-tone details and noodle straps. What’s not to like!

Looking to ace the saree à la Nora Fatehi? Take cues from the actress’s look to don the drape in the future, choosing a saree that comes with a stunning gold-toned look. To make it hassle-free, we pulled out one along similar lines. Scroll and shop to add to your existing wardrobe. 


Jewellery & Makeup

Nora Fatehi gold saree



Further elevating her outfit with exquisite jewellery, Nora Fatehi added a multi-layered emerald necklace to her look along with a matching ring in green. Ideal for the maximalists who incline towards all that is OTT, the Bollywood actress’s Diwali jewels fit the bill for adding to your impeccable wedding-goer ensembles. Also worth noting was her flawless beauty look, one you can try out at home when required.

Going along similar lines, we found for you an almost identical though affordable piece of jewellery to add to your traditional and contemporary attires alike, with beauty essentials, of course! Go on and delve right in. 


What did you think of Nora Fatehi’s latest outfit? We, for one, are taking notes!

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17 Nov 2020
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