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Nora Fatehi’s Barbiecore Glamm At The FIFA Fanfest Is Bomb With A Capital B

Nora Fatehi’s Barbiecore Glamm At The FIFA Fanfest Is Bomb With A Capital B

If there’s one celeb who is constantly blessing our FYPs with incredible beauty looks, it’s Nora Fatehi. She leaves no stone unturned to take us aback with killer ‘fits and beauty choices. Just before she set the stage on fire at the FIFA World Cup 2022, she posted a carousel of photos showing off her ultra-glamm avatar. She captioned the post, “The category is glam.🔥” Well, there is no choice but to copy and paste her beauty look on ourselves this party season.

Her dewy skin, pink pout, and gel-embellished gaze channelled Y2K energy and is a surefire way to be the life of the party. With a flurry of party invites filling up your calendar for the rest of the year, her makeup look will have you RSVPing YES. It’s the kind that will have your fellow invitees drooling over your look. If you want all eyes to be on you this party season, here’s how to try the look. 


Party Szn Is Upon Us, And Nora Fatehi’s Beauty Look Is All We Can Think Of

Step 1: Glow On A Whole New Level

Nora Fatehi was seen sporting matte skin with a hint of glow. To mimic the soft-focused skin, all you need to do is use skin-blurring products in conjunction with your skincare routine. Apply your serum and moisturiser and follow it up with a pore-minimising primer. Then, apply a full-coverage foundation. Use a damp sponge to do so and apply in thin layers to prevent a cakey finish. Then, dab a concealer on the under-eye area and any uneven skin you’d like to cover, 

Step 2: Good Brows Only!

For bomb brows like Nora, take a brow pencil and use feather-like strokes to fill in the sparse edges. Once you’re satisfied with the brow shape, brush them up using a brow gel.


Step 3: Literal Eye Candy

Start by smearing an eye primer all over your lids. Load some nude brown shadow on a small shader brush and apply it along the eye sockets as well on the outer corner of the eye. Then, apply a gold eyeshadow on the centre of your lids. Grab an eyeliner pencil and trace it along the upper lash liner creating an upturned flick at the end. Then, stick on a couple of tiny gems along the wing of your liner. Curl your lashes and coat your lashes in mascara. Complete the eye makeup by sticking on a pair of false lashes to complete the look.

Step 4: Hello, Instant Cheekbones

Load some bronzer on an angled brush and apply it along the hollows of your cheeks, hairline, and jawline to give your face a chiselled look.


Step 5: Prepare For Your Best Flush Yet

Blend a cream blush and apply it to the apple of your cheeks. Direct it towards the temples for a lifted look. Apply liquid highlighter on the high points of the face to get that enviable glow on. 

Step 6: Think Pink!

Line your lips with a mauve pink lip liner. Then, colour the inside of the liner with a matching shade of pink lipstick. 


BRB, we’re off to copy this look.

Featured Image: Instagram

01 Dec 2022
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