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Face Tales: The No-Makeup Makeup Guide For Different Skin Types!

Face Tales: The No-Makeup Makeup Guide For Different Skin Types!

With the right beauty tools and makeup products, achieving the no-makeup look is easy-peasy. Whenever I don’t feel like caking my face with makeup, I opt for this subtle and light makeup look. The kind that gives my skin a natural, radiant finish. Makeup products that you’ll need to ace this look – nude lipstick, eyeliner mascara, a moisturizer, concealer and some powder. However, before you use your face as a canvas, you should know what your skin type is. The makeup application differs from skin type to skin type. Interested in knowing more? Awesome! Here are a few light makeup tips to rock the no-makeup look keeping your skin type in mind.

1. Greetings, Dry Skin!

Symptoms – flaky, red and rough skin

Tip 1. Start By Prepping Your Skin Up

Since your skin is dry, you must prep your skin well before you start applying your makeup. Firstly, drink enough water to ensure that your skin is hydrated to the fullest. Secondly, cleanse it well with a face wash that suits your skin type. Follow that with a good massage with a hydrating moisturizer for the face and voila! You’re ready to start your makeup routine.

Tip 2: Make BB Cream Your Bestie

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Foundations tend to look a bit cakey and heavy on the face sometimes if your skin is dry, especially when you’re trying the no makeup look. Opt for a light BB cream that and blend it well all over your face. This will moisturize the skin further and result in an even-toned complexion.

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Tip 3. Don’t Forget To Apply Concealer

For any blemishes and acne marks on your face that are visible even after applying your fave BB cream, use a concealer on the spots and you’re good to go. Dot the concealer on the blemishes and dab it well so that it blends perfectly.

2. Girls With Oily Skin – Listen Up!

Symptoms – Dull, greasy complexion and active acne

Tip 1: Apply Minimal Product

Since your skin is already oily, you shouldn’t go overboard with the makeup. Apply less makeup or else it will look too messy and washed out. A bit of BB cream is enough to use on your face. You can even skip the foundation if you think it’ll be too heavy on your skin. Try and minimise the usage of liquid products basically. But do not skimp out on skincare. And you absolutely CANNOT skip the primer. Get a mattifying one so your makeup has a smooth canvas.

Tip 2: Ever Baked Your Face?

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No, I don’t mean sticking your head into an oven! Dust some setting powder onto your concealer and foundation to make sure the product doesn’t move. This hack has been acclaimed as one of the most effective ways to ensure that makeup lasts longer and doesn’t streak or smudge no matter what! Watch a couple of tutorials (there are plenty on YouTube) if you’re unsure of exactly how to do it.

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Tip 3: The Setting Spray Is Your Baby

Just the way your hair requires a setting product to hold the style in place, so does your makeup, especially if you have oily skin. A setting spray is a water-based mist that dries instantly and well, sets your makeup. It keeps the makeup in place the way your finishing spray keeps your curls in place!

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3. If You Have Combination Skin Like Me

Symptoms – Oily T-zone Area & Dry Cheeks

Tip 1: Cleanse Your Face With Micellar Water

Whatever dirt, oil and gunk that’s on your skin, take it all off by using micellar water! Use a cotton pad soaked in micellar water and cleanse your face. Once you’ve done that, apply a moisturizer and massage in circular motions on your cheek, forehead and chin area.

Tip 2: Colour Corrector Concealers Are Bae

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If you notice dullness and redness on different parts of your face, you’ve got use a colour corrector concealer. Preferably a pastel palette. This tip will help you give your skin an even-toned finish.

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Tip 3: Master The Art of Contouring

Bringing and focusing all the attention on your face is the point of contouring in the first place. For your cheeks, pick a shade that two shades darker than your natural skin tone and for the area around your eyes, two shades lighter.

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20 Jun 2018

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