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Buh-Bye Testers! Coronavirus Is Set To Change The Makeup Buying Experience For Good

Buh-Bye Testers! Coronavirus Is Set To Change The Makeup Buying Experience For Good



I went shopping for lipsticks at Sephora over the weekend, and what I saw shocked me–due to Covid-19, there was not a single makeup tester at sight! I wasn’t a fan of makeup testers anyway, but now that I did not have them in front of me, it hit me that how dependent I was on them. Even though makeup testers aren’t safe to use on the skin, you can’t deny the fact that they do play a role in influencing one’s purchasing decision. Through makeup testers, a customer can understand the beauty product’s texture, feel and look. Instead of adding a product to cart blindly from the screen, they get a first-hand experience of the product which helps them decide whether to buy it or not.

The End Is Near For Makeup Testers!

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If the coronavirus situation does not improve, beauty brands will be forced to think out of the box. They would either have to invest in vacuum-sealed testers or rely on individually-wrapped samples for each product shade and variant. While this is a more hygienic approach for creating makeup testers, one must also take into account that the manufacturing process could fall expensive and be time-consuming. Not to mention, the amount of product waste will increase as well. Whether these testers would be then sanitised and recycled in the future, there is no clarity on that right now. 

On the brighter side, makeup testers desperately needed to get an upgrade. For a long time now, they’ve been the breeding grounds for diseases and bacteria. In fact, bacteria can live on tester makeup products for days. Multiple people using the same tester products could cause the virus to spread from person to person. 

While the staff and MUAs who work at these beauty stores are responsible for cleaning and sanitising tester makeup products, sometimes, they tend to overlook it. Their negligence could put a customer at risk. Hence, in some way, it’s great that makeup testers are out of the picture for good. 

What You Can Do To Protect Yourself At Individual Level

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Word of advice: do not share your makeup brushes or products with anyone. Wash them often and throw away beauty products that have passed their shelf life. As far as testing makeup is concerned, you can rely on technology to take care of that for you. To find the perfect foundation shade for your complexion, check out findation. For lipstick, check out thelipbar.

If you do find manage to find your shade online, you may not have to rely on makeup testers in the future. 

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05 Nov 2020

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