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Shamita Shetty-Nishant Bhat’s Latest Fight Looks Like The End Of #OTTGang & Here’s Why We’re So Excited

So it has finally happened—Shamita Shetty has her Ticket To Finale and is also the current captain of the Bigg Boss 15 house. We should take this moment to congratulate the makers here because things are finally going their way in the show. However, like always, they have missed out on one teeny tiny detail—the rest of the housemates can see through the blatant favouritism. And, it’s safe to say that they are running out of patience now.  

The palpable tension in the BB 15 house was quite apparent in Tejasswi Prakash and Shamita Shetty’s heated exchange last night. During the altercation, the former openly called out the makers for supporting Shamita through various tasks, twists, and even their choice of wild card contestants. That said, we saw it coming given that these two anyway don’t see eye to eye. What we didn’t anticipate though was a rift between the OTT gang. Nishant Bhat looked visibly miffed after Shamita decided to downgrade Tejasswi from the VIP status instead of Rakhi Sawant and the latest promo is proof that he has had enough of this crap. 

In a preview of today’s episode, we can see Nishant getting into an argument with Shamita and blaming her for unfair sanchalan. “Ye rule mein likhe nahi hai Shamita. Yeh koi tareeka hai khelne ka,” he can be heard saying to Shamita. In the promo, the actress can be seen getting equally miffed and answering Nishant by saying, “Tereko khelna hai khel, nahin khelna hai toh bhaad mein ja.”

The fact is that both Pratik Sehajpal and Nishant have been looking quite disillusioned from the show for a couple of weeks now. They have lost their drive and the reason can be easily attributed to all the random tasks and biased decisions that are being made just to support Shamita. Meanwhile, she is going on in the game with her regular poker face and ‘c’mon girl give us nothing’ energy. Now, to favour Shamita while she does the bare minimum is obviously ruffling feathers and it can be seen in the general attitude of everyone else in the house.


As a consequence of all the current chaos, we can also see the OTT gang drifting apart. This, however, can turn out to be a good thing for the show because in Bigg Boss 15 we have hardly seen Pratik and Nishant playing for themselves, the area where they truly shine. Plus, since the beginning of the season, we have been seeing all three of these contestants playing for each other, which gives them an unfair advantage over the other contestants. Also, if these three contestants part ways, it will surely affect Shamita’s game who has been mostly piggybacking on Nishant and Pratik’s task performance all this while.

Long things short, the fallout of the OTT gang is perhaps what Bigg Boss 15 needs right now for a TRP boost. However, we aren’t sure if the makers would let that happen given their unconditional love for Shamita. Let’s wait and watch.

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13 Jan 2022

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