Nifty Beauty Hacks Using Talcum Powder That You Would Wish You’d Known Sooner

Eden NoronhaEden Noronha  |  Dec 2, 2021
Nifty Beauty Hacks Using Talcum Powder That You Would Wish You’d Known Sooner


We have all, at some point, used talcum powder in our personal care routines. The nifty product is used to absorb excess sweat in the underarms area and has also been used in baby powders for diaper rash and so on. While the use of talc in powders was questioned in the past years, talcum powder itself is now considered safe to be used in cosmetic products and if you still are iffy about that, there are many talc-free body powder options available too. Talcum powder or talc-free baby powder, whichever you choose, these hacks with the product are what are going to amaze you and will definitely make you bring back this old-school personal care back into your beauty routine.

5 Nifty Beauty Hacks With Talcum Powder 


Base Boss

If you ever wished your favourite foundation offered more coverage, the solution to your problem lies with talcum powder. Simply pump out just enough liquid foundation to cover your face and neck and add some loose powder to it on a mixing plate. Combine the two together and your foundation coverage is instantly thickened and more opaque. Try it out and be amazed.

Root Renegade

When you’ve gone and skipped on your hair wash day again, you could need some help reviving your locks if you suddenly have to get ready for a meeting with friends or a zoom call. While dry shampoo works in this case, if you happen to run of that product, talcum powder is an easy and inexpensive replacement for the same. Just like dry shampoo, the powder can banish greasiness from oily roots and add volume to your mane. Simply sprinkle the powder on your roots and run your fingers through your roots to spread it evenly. Don’t worry about your hair looking white because the powder easily disappears with the greasiness or can be dusted off.

Lush Lashes

Increase volume in your lashes with this simple talcum powder hack. After applying one coat of mascara dab on some talcum powder on your lashes with a fluffy brush and then go in for a second coat of mascara. The results are phenomenal. Your lashes will look fluffy and thicker just like falsies.

Matte Perfect

Want to ensure your lipstick doesn’t budge? Consider mattifying it with yours truly—talcum powder. Swipe on your lipstick and then place a single layer of a paper napkin over your lips. Use a fluffy brush to apply talcum powder on your lip area that is covered with the napkin. Take off the napkin and enjoy your mattified lip effect with your lipstick transforming to a transfer-proof formula.

Eyeshadow Fall Out

While applying darkly pigmented eyeshadow shades, product fallout can ruin your base makeup efforts or skin prep. To prevent that from happening, apply a thick layer of powder on your under-eye area and do not blend it in. Proceed to do your eye makeup and when you are done, dust off the talcum powder. The powder catches the eyeshadow fall out and allows you to easily dust it off when you’re done.

You don’t have to stick to talcum powder alone. Your favourite setting powder can also allow you the same benefits to replicate these hacks. We recommend:

We are confident that these talcum powder hacks are going to come to your rescue in times of need. 

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