7 Gym Bag Essentials (We Said YES To The New Year Resolution)

Srishti SabharwalSrishti Sabharwal  |  Dec 18, 2017
7 Gym Bag Essentials (We Said YES To The New Year Resolution)

Working out is a great way to feel energised and clear your head. But if you’re like me, chances are you’re unable to push yourself to the gym more than once a year. Lack of motivation, I get it. But 2018 will be different. New Year, new you, you know the whole spiel? This time for real though. It’s time to make working out a habit instead of a once-in-a-blue-moon occurrence. First things first, once you’re done registering yourself with a gym nearby, make sure you throw in these 7 gym bag essentials into your bag! ‘Coz I’ve said yes to this NY resolution… and so should you!

1. Makeup bag


Not that we’re suggesting you carry makeup to the gym (though that is totally up to), it’s really handy to have a bag that fits a face wash, a comb and other miscellaneous stuff. Instead of keeping beauty essentials lose in your workout bag, keep them organised in a makeup bag.

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2. Face towel


After a really intense workout, you’ll definitely need a face towel to wipe the sweat off your face. It’s always a good idea to carry two of these. One for when you wash your face post working out.

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3. Hair ties


Not only are hair ties an obvious must-have for women with long hair, they make really cute accessories as well. Mix and match hair ties to funk up your hair – how cute!

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4. An extra set of clothes


This could be anything – depending on how intense your sessions are, how much you sweat and if you have any coffee plans post-gyming. Carrying an extra pair of joggers and a t-shirt won’t hurt!

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5. Deodorant


Now this one’s a no-brainer. Unless you’re really sure about having an odourless body odour, carrying a deodorant is a must.

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6. Dry Shampoo


Post gym hair is never a good look. Treat your sweaty mane to a little spray of the dry shampoo to ensure it looks good and keep the sweat and grease out.  

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7. Cloth Bag Organisers


Like I said earlier, you might make coffee plans and happen to change into fresh clothes. In that case, you’d like to keep the sweat induced gym wear separately in your bag. Yes, that’s what these organising cloth bags are for.

Price: ₹ 800. Buy it here.

You go, girl!