22 Resolutions That Beauty Lovers Need To Take In The New Year

Eden NoronhaEden Noronha  |  Dec 31, 2021
22 Resolutions That Beauty Lovers Need To Take In The New Year


Every year we make resolutions and not all of them are kept TBH. But this year’s going to be different. No for real. That’s because we are going to be making beauty resolutions that are totally doable. Quite frankly, they are the best kind to keep and follow-through, if you are a beauty aficionado like us. So, note these resolutions down and take a pledge to do ’em regularly.

22 Beauty Resolutions For 2022


Ditch Makeup Wipes

It’s time to give up those makeup wipes and even micellar water for that matter. Wiping off makeup is harsh on your skin and using too many wipes isn’t sustainable for the environment either.

Remove Makeup Before Bed

Yes, we cannot cheat with this step in 2022. We have cleansing oils and balms that make removing makeup and caring for your skin so much easier.

No More Popping Pimples

Giving up this habit is the only way to not have pitted skin and dark spots. Pimple patches are our new best friends so that we don’t have to resort to pimple popping if we want to wear makeup.

Will Get Enough Beauty Sleep

Beauty sleep is essential for healthy skin and hair. Lack of sleep can do a number on your health and it will show through your skin and hair.

Including Active Ingredients To Our Skincare Routine

Active ingredients like retinol or niacinamide are amazing skincare ingredients that we should get more of and so a serum with the right active ingredients for our skin type is what will be a permanent part of our skincare routines.

Drinking Lots Of Water

We are going to be setting those reminders to keep hydrating because it’s the best way to ensure our skin stays clear in any weather.

Investing In Good Quality Hair Tools

No longer will our locks suffer from poor quality hair tools. Wet detangling brushes, wooden combs, boar bristle brushes, these are all in our shopping carts already.

Switching Up Our Skincare In Time

Yep, we are going to try not to be clueless about the weather’s effects on our skin and be ready with our skincare products for the change in weather in time.

Balancing That Diet


Now, we aren’t saying we will be able to completely banish fried foods or sweets from our diet but we’re going to try balancing it out by having a side of salad and fruits too. This way we aren’t depriving our bodies of vitamins or cheat foods.

Committing To Scalp Care

It’s time to focus on better ways to treat dandruff which means no more harsh anti-dandruff shampoos. Scalp serums and scrubs are what we will be turning to to improve our scalp health.

Keeping Heat Styling To A Minimum

Heat styling regularly can wreak havoc on your strands and so wearing our natural textures more often is something to commit to in 2022. Even if we are using heat tools, we will also be using the medium to low heat setting and protecting our strands with heat protectant products.

Switching To Chemical Exfoliators

Kissing physical exfoliants goodbye and welcoming gentle chemical exfoliators is one of the beauty resolutions we are most excited about. Our skin is going to thank us for it.

Taking Out Time For Massages

Tension in your muscles will make you feel more stressed and eventually look tired. From body massages to face massages, we are dedicating at least one day to destressing with massages.

Wearing Sunscreen Indoors Too

Enough with the UV damage. We are going to wear sun protection cream indoors too because we have put our skin at risk by being ignorant about the necessity of sunscreen indoors for far too long.

Taking Care Of Those Digits


Whether it is chipped nail polish or simple hand care, we are going to do what’s necessary to keep our hands and feet looking pretty. This means refreshing our nail polish before it chips and getting regular mani-pedis.

Not Skimping On Body Care

The skin on our body will get as much care as our face does. Body scrubs, moisturisers, massages, and masks. Whatever it takes!

Going Cruelty-Free

We are going to be more conscious about beauty products and completely ban any products that don’t care for animals or the environment.

Picking Makeup Products With Skin-Loving Ingredients

Wearing makeup on your skin is only acceptable if it cares for your skin too. Anyone with problematic skin types will agree with me. An entirely skincare-infused makeup kit is what we look forward to.

Oiling Those Locks

Hair oil has proved countless times that it can repair hair damage and revive our locks, so hair oil massages are about to be a weekly affair in 2022.

Finding That Signature Scent


The best way to make your mark is with a signature scent. A signature scent can be created by layering on different perfumes together. You can even make classic scents your go-to and we intend to experiment with what pleases our noses.

Switching To Silk Pillow Cases

Ah! the knots we aren’t going to miss after switching to silk pillowcases. It’s going to be worth it.

Using Face Masks Every Week

Nothing beats a good skincare mask every week. Whether your skin is inflamed or just dehydrated, there is a skincare mask out there that will help your skin out of trouble.

Make these beauty resolutions with us and you definitely won’t regret it.

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