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10 *New* TV Shows Every Girl Will Love (And Where To Watch Them)

10 *New* TV Shows Every Girl Will Love (And Where To Watch Them)

There are times when we want to coil up in our beds and just watch TV shows all night, right? Basically, it is just our way of an escape from the real world. Be it a day when we feel not so good and want to be all by ourselves or a slumber party with our besties, binge watching TV shows actually never goes out of style. If you’re wondering what to watch next, here is a list of TV shows to watch that will surely be worth your time. We swear!

1. Girlboss

1tv shows to watch

The name of the show goes totally by what we believe in and thus every girl must give this one a shot. This show is about a girl who believes in breaking rules. Fashion is her forte and being rebellious is what ultimately makes her a successful business woman. How she becomes a girlboss forms the plot of the story and will interest (and inspire) every girl in one way or the other.

Watch it here.

2. 13 Reasons Why

2 tv shows to watch

One of the most popular American series currently, it is based on a novel by the same name. It talks about a suicide of a teenage girl. The story takes an interesting turn when Clay, a guy who likes her, finds out the reasons why she decided to end her life. The show raises several interesting questions about how our everyday actions have massive effects on the people around us. If you haven’t already, this is the next show you should binge-watch! 

Watch it here.

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3. Insecure

3 tv shows to watch

Not many times do you stumble upon a TV series that is not only funny but also captures the conflicts every twenty-something woman goes through on a daily basis. It includes things that anyone can easily relate to. The various things that go on, in our personal and professional lives which actually puzzle, confuse and consume us, for real. For those messed up nights, this is the one!

Watch it here.

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4. Big Little Lies

4 tv shows to watch

Big Little Lies is an American comedy show which is based on a novel of the same name. This show is about single mothers and the things they go through in life. It’s interesting to see the plot which vividly captures everything that goes on around them.

Watch it here.

5. The Arrangement

5 tv shows to watch

This American drama series is about a girl who auditions to be in a movie opposite Kyle West, a leading star in Hollywood. The show centres around their romance and the complications that follow. Some believe this is more like a story of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. We say, watch to know more! *wink*

Watch it here.

6. Riverdale

6 tv shows to watch

Didn’t we all love the Archie comics? This series is based on the characters from the same comic strip. It is the story about their lives that happens during a series of events which is fun to watch. This will not only bring childhood memories to life but will also be perfect for when you want to watch something light!

Watch it here.

7. A Series Of Unfortunate Events

7 tv shows to watch

Sometimes, we wish to thank Netflix for keeping us busy with amazing shows. This is one show that you’ll totally be hooked on to. It is a tragic yet mysterious tale of orphans and how the investigators find out the reason behind the death of their parents.

Watch it here.

8. The Crown

tv shows to watch 8

This show is based on an award winning play called The Audience which centres around the life of Queen Elizabeth II from the 1940s to the modern times. The series shows the life of the queen and how she took over the throne after the death of her father. If you like epics, you’ll love this one!

Watch it here.

9. The Good Fight

9 tv shows to watch

If you like watching serious and political drama series, then this one will be your favourite from the list. This one is picked one year after the end of the TV show, The Good Wife. The show is about two lawyers whose careers are destroyed after a series of events that happen at their workplace. How they actually rebuild the reputation forms the plot of this amazing series!

Watch it here.

10. Powerless

10 tv shows to watch

This will be your favourite if you liked watching High School Musical in your teenage days because it stars Vanessa Hudgens. This show is about a girl who gets her dream job and how she has to handles the struggles that come with the job. The series of event make her realize that she does not need superpowers to be a hero.

Watch it here.

So, ladies… Which one are you going to start with?

14 Jun 2022

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