Dear Bae, I Just Can’t Wait To Send These New *Emojis* To You!

Apoorva PooniaApoorva Poonia  |  Jul 18, 2017
Dear Bae, I Just Can’t Wait To Send These New *Emojis* To You!


Girls, it was World Emoji Day yesterday and guess what, Apple has decided to gift us a whole new range of emojis. Sounds amazing, right? The new emojis will be launched by the end of this year on Iphone, Ipad and Mac and they include the new star-struck, exploding head, food items like sandwich and coconut, and a lot of characters like zombie, genie and many others to make your chatting experience with bae a lot more fun. Here is a teaser of some of the new emoji we feel your sweetheart will love. Take a look!

1. For the days he looks really handsome!

1 emoji by apple

2. This how you can say ‘hello’… differently!

2 emoji by apple

3. When your head’s exploding with his gibberish!

3 emoji by apple

4. When you want to remind him you’re the ‘queen’ of his heart!

4 emoji by apple

5. His ‘No Shave November’ will be like…

5 emoji by apple

6. Your reply to his lame jokes could be…

6 emoji by apple

7. When you want to grant him a wish!

7 emoji by apple

We can’t wait, can you?