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7 *New* Fashion Designers We Spotted At Lakmé Fashion Week!

7 *New* Fashion Designers We Spotted At Lakmé Fashion Week!

The Lakme Fashion Week has always been an eclectic mix of new designers and seasoned artists. This year was no different with the young ones showcasing their range of interpretive designs. It’s time to take some time off fangirl-ing over your favourite designer and have a look at the new and upcoming talent. They’re out to make a lasting mark on the hallowed ground of Indian fashion!


1. Untitled Co. by Shenali and Rinzin

1 new designers Untitled Co

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The LFW collection of Untitled Co. is the fabulous brainchild of Rinzim Lama and Shenali Sema, alumnus of NIFT and NID, respectively. The designs were dominated with pastel moods and easy-to-wear embroidered pieces bearing comparison with Japanese printmaking.

2. Integument By Deepak Pathak

2 new designers integument

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Deepak Pathak’s bold collection which was dominated by black and grey, is a goth’s dream wardrobe! The styles range from tailored trench coats with sinuous silhouettes combined with textured skirts and added chunky heels!

3. Ekam By Armaan Randhawa

3 new designers Ekam

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The label Ekam by Armaan had a delightful young appeal and is sure to resonate with the millennial generation. The embroidery is artistic and the collection has nailed the athleisure look down to the hook!

4. Khanijo By Gaurav Khanijo

4 new designers khanijo

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Oh how we crave for more rustic oranges in our wardrobes! The Khanijo label presented on the ramp a collection with impressive jackets mixed with churidars which, by the way, is a look that we would love to get on board with!

5. Banjaaran By Mehandee Dureja

5 new designers banjaaran

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The whimsical patterns on Banjaaran’s collection are classic examples of expression through clothing! The accessory oriented label had an impressive collection of footwear matched with the tribal motifs on the garments.

6. Mogachea By Tania Fadte

6 new designers Mogachea

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The Mogachea label graced its ramp with layers and chokers, and we love them for it! Combining pristine whites with royal blues, the collection had an ethnic twist to it! The minimalistic designs are just what we wish to see from a young mind like Tania Fadte.

7. Soumodeep Dutta Label

7 new designers soumodeep dutta

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The Soumodeep Dutta label was enriched with the designer’s Bengali roots and it’s so much more beautiful for it! He incorporated the current trend of balloon sleeves and cold shoulders. The Kantha saree inspired looks are traditional yet modern in the most graceful way imaginable!

18 Aug 2017

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