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Despite Its Flaws, These 7 Moments Make ‘Never Have I Ever 2’ Worth A Watch

Despite Its Flaws, These 7 Moments Make ‘Never Have I Ever 2’ Worth A Watch

I sat this weekend to watch Never Have I Ever 2 with my PJs on, a couple of mini snickers in my hands, and expectations set quite low. As someone who is almost-30, I have kinda been losing my interest in high school coming-of-age dramas of late. Plus, call it trust issues, but I always watch the new seasons of a formerly decent show with a hell lot of apprehension. So yea, the plan was to watch an episode or two and doze off. There was no way I was planning to finish 10 full episodes in one night. Forget that, I wasn’t even planning to finish them over the weekend. The idea was to take it slow and easy with an important clause—if only I could.

One episode in and I was like ‘ehhh…what’s the harm. Let’s do one more.’ Two episodes later, I could not stop. Your girl pulled an all-nighter to binge-watch something after a long, long time and damn, I am so glad I did. But no, let’s lead with this: Never Have I Ever 2 is not perfect. Including some hackneyed plot twists and lackluster romances, the plot has its own share of flaws. However, despite it all, it is quite a watch and today we are celebrating just that. Here are seven Never Have I Ever 2 moments that make the show worth its while. Tread carefully ‘coz we have spoilers ahead!


An Important Breakthrough

It was sort of cathartic to see Devi (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) finally being able to make sense of her therapy and actually reach where her therapist has been trying to guide her. In season 2, Devi finally realises that her paralysis can actually be a result of her dad’s accident. This eventually leads to the realisation that suppressing her trauma might be leading her to make some questionable choices in life. Well, Devi has grown since season 1 and that’s cool, isn’t it?

Kamala Teaching Her Sexist Colleagues A Lesson

While Kamala (Richa Moorjani) has been projected as the nice and docile one all this while, it was kind of refreshing to see her take charge for a moment. Our fave Kamala moment? When she tricks her sexist colleague to get what is rightfully hers. 


Nalini & Devi Find A Middle Ground

Nalini (Poorna Jagannathan) and Devi just couldn’t see eye to eye in season one. However, things have changed a little this time around as Nalini finds companionship in a fellow single parent. She finally has someone to discuss her single-parent issues with. The advice works like magic when Devi asks Nalini to take care of a mess that she has created and she agrees to do that for a change. 

Nalini’s Mom In Law Supporting Her Through It All

A lot of Never Have I Ever followers from India felt that season 1 did not have enough Indian characters for a show that revolves around an Indian protagonist. Seems like the complaint has been taken care of and we do have a variety of Indian characters this time around? Our favourite? Nalini’s mom-in-law who supports the idea of her finding love even when Devi is absolutely against it. 


When Paxton Beats Ben In An Academic Competition

So Paxton (Darren Barnet) has a moment of realisation during season 2–that he needs to catch up on academics and improve his grades if he wants to make it to a college. And guess what? He takes it seriously….very, very seriously. In fact, it comes to a point that he ends up beating Ben (Jaren Lewison) in an academic competition. Now, here’s the thing–I am team Ben and yet for some reason, I found the moment extremely cool. Gotta give it to Mindy Kaling for giving such a nice thought to Paxton’s character this season.

Devi Can Finally Think About Someone Else

For the most part of season 1, all Devi could think of was herself. I can’t say about you but that kinda made the character a little irritating for me. It is for the very first time in season 2 that I see genuine remorse in her eyes after doing something bad to someone. She can finally feel someone else’s pain and well, we’d say that her therapy is definitely working. 


Devi Is Finally Dating Someone, Officially!

One episode of Never Have I Ever 2 and Devi already has two ex-boyfriends–Ben and Paxton. Yuppp! However, in the last episode, she actually reunites with one of them and they also make it official. Yes, Devi has finally realised her dream of a “high school romance” and after all the growth that she has shown this season, we are rather proud of her.

So fam, what was your Never Have I Ever moment this season?

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19 Jul 2021

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