Netizens Extend Helping Hand To COVID Patients, Offer Free Home-Cooked Meals

Tanya SharmaTanya Sharma  |  Apr 21, 2021
Netizens Extend Helping Hand To COVID Patients, Offer Free Home-Cooked Meals


India is probably undergoing its worst health crisis in history right now, and our people are struggling to cope with it. Since the new strain of the virus is extremely infectious, entire families are contracting it and quarantining in their homes. Now, when you are down with coronavirus and coping with the symptoms, you can hardly cook a meal for yourself. Plus, a lot of people don’t even have that option, since they are confined to their rooms in quarantine. 

Some of us have the privilege to order all three meals online for the (minimum) two weeks of self-isolation, but for most people in the country, it is not possible. And struggling to feed yourself while your body is fighting a deadly virus can crush anybody’s morales. However, don’t lose all faith in humanity yet!

Some good samaritans, recognising this struggle, have begun to offer free home-cooked meals to those who are isolated and unable to cook for themselves. And thanks to the power of social media, they are able to reach many people in need. So if you or someone you know is COVID-positive and in need of home-cooked meals, scroll ahead to connect with a volunteer!

Free Home-Cooked Meals In Delhi-NCR

If you live in the Delhi-NCR region, you can reach out to the following people and request them to provide you with meals while you are sick.

Anukriti Khare and Krithika Kumar


Anukriti and Krithika are providing home-cooked meals all over Gurgaon, and they are also personally delivering them to your doorstep! Reach out to them via Instagram DM here or here.

Mehak Wadhwani

Food blogger Mehak Wadhwani is doing her bit by using her cooking skills for a cause. She is providing free meals to people living in and around Sainik Farms, Delhi. You can reach her here.

Gurudwaras In Delhi

Several gurudwaras in Delhi are providing free meals to COVID-affected citizens across the city. Please call on the given helpline numbers to get in touch with someone.

Iskcon Temple

Volunteers at the Iskcon temple are providing healthy, nutritious meals to patients. Please contact them on their helpline number.

Mom’s Kitchen


These good samaritans are providing free meals for lunch and dinner. Call them on the number provided for more details.


This twitter user has decided to cook simple meals at home and provide them to COVID-affected patients.

Free Home-Cooked Meals In Mumbai

If you live in Mumbai, these are the people you can connect with for home-cooked meals while you are in quarantine.

DP Restaurant

This restaurant is providing simple yet nutritious khichdi to anyone who is recovering from COVID-19.

Nimesh Tanna Charitable Trust

This charitable trust is providing free tiffin services to COVID patients residing in Mulund, Mumbai.

ZaikoTiffins India

This tiffin service has decided to deliver free meals across Mumbai, to both COVID and non-COVID patients! 

Rahul Nayak

This Mumbai resident has volunteered to provide free meals and drop them off to your doorstep if you live in and around the Andheri area.

Free Home-Cooked Meals in Bengaluru

If you are COVID-positive in Bengaluru and looking for meals, here’s where you can find them.


We don’t know her full name, but Hansika from JP Nagar is offering home-cooked meals for COVID patients as well as senior citizens.

Mission Chai

Mission Chai is delivering free vegetarians meals all over Bangalore

Varshini Ramaswamy

This Bangalore resident is offering home-cooked food for COVID patients. She provides vegetarian meals thrice a day.

Recipe of Hope

This service is run by Bangalore residents Mitali and Piyush. The home-cooked meals will be delivered to your doorstep free of cost, you only need to pay the Dunzo delivery fee.

Damini Mishra

Damini is providing healthy vegetarian meals in the Koramangala, BTM and HSR area in Bangalore.

Free Home Meals Across India

If you live in any other city in India, we’ve compiled a list of resources for you.

Saransh Goila

Chef Saransh Goila has crowdsourced a list of volunteers who are providing free meals to several states across India. Check out the list here.


This Twitter handle has shared a list of free meal providers in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, Agra, Ahmedabad and Madhya Pradesh. 

We hope these resources will help you source meals while you recover. Kudos to these good samaritans for stepping up during this unprecedented crisis—they have restored our faith in humanity!