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Bas Karo, 2020: Neptune Retrograde Is Here And It May Affect Your Love Life!

Bas Karo, 2020: Neptune Retrograde Is Here And It May Affect Your Love Life!

So, what is a retrograde, really? The retrograde motion of a planet is when it moves in the reverse direction as observed from the Earth. In the astrological realm and IRL, it could mean misfortune in our lives. Well, at least that’s what we have seen during Mercury retrograde. Many of you may be aware of the Mercury retrograde phenomena when you unknowingly sent a message to a wrong WhatsApp window or landed at a wrong party. Well, if that wasn’t enough, Neptune, the planet of creativity and dreams, will begin its backward movement on the June 23 onwards. What does this mean? Pisces and will stay in retrograde for the next four months. Now, is that bad news? Let’s find out!

What is Neptune Retrograde?

Neptune retrograde happens every year and it’s possible that you don’t even have any clue about it. But this year, because of the time, we may get to experience its effects strongly due to the timings. This time, the retrograde will occur in Pisces from 23 June to November 28.

Neptune, also known as the God of the sea, is a planet that rules creativity and is known as the artist of the sky. But this year, Neptune retrograde may make you step into the unknown. Why bhagwaan, why? As if coronavirus, earthquakes, floods and locusts weren’t enough!

While we are all struggling to make do with the fact that after the pandemic, life may not return to normal, the Neptune retrograde is already planning to push all you Pisceans to bid goodbye to all that remains in the past.

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♅ ❍ : NEPTUNE Rx : LEO MOON : ♌︎☾ . . For the remainder of 2020, Neptune will redirect its energies into our eternal realms. As the ruler of our dreams + the intuitive sign of pisces- Neptune is going to ask us what disparity lies between our internal realm and the external – bridging a gap with a bridge of possibility. Anchoring in while the moon moves into fiery and authentic Leo : our hearts are being initiated into a time of sovereignty- where new worlds may be birthed + forgiveness may be shed on what we did or didn’t do. Your dreams are like the gateway into the unconscious- they are the pryer to Pandora’s box of what lies deep within our souls. Sometimes you may find in that box the shadow of the ego. Sometimes you may find some old pieces of your being that still need mending. Or you may find the water that rises within you to fill the wells of your being like you have never been filled before. Even if it may seem weird, even if it might seem really ‘out there,’ the time has come to be anchoring into the waters of uncertainty with the power of ingenuity. You may be getting guidance or ideas that seem : off the wall : or you may find yourself changing so rapidly you do not even recognize yourself. ITS OKAY. This is a revolution- a revolution of the mind, body + soul : and the very moment you become who you have always been and meant to be outside of the constraints of this world is NOW. The greatest lesson of all of this- is to know that we are all unique. We all represent a different facet of the beauty that is consciousness, and without your contribution- we will never see all the colors of the divine rainbow. Trust your gut. Allow yourself the time + space to flow however that may feel. And for the love of the cosmos-please get out of your own way, because the new you is birthing-and my god-she is absolutely MAGNIFICENT. 📸: @katja.perez #leomoon #neptuneretrograde #moonwitch #leo #cancer #mysticvibes #innerknowing #dream #youarefuckingmagical #magic

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With Neptune in retrograde, a total of six planets will be moving in reverse direction. This retrograde will push you to stop making excuses in life and to stop living in a dreamland. This, in turn, will help you make positive changes in your life to move forward and move on from things that no longer make you happy.

The Neptune retrograde will help you embrace new beginnings in a relationship. But for people who are already in one, it’s time to reevaluate things and get things into perspective and think about what you want. And for those looking for love, you can expect beautiful new beginnings!

So, are you ready to embrace this change? To leave things in the past and move on to new beginnings. If you are, all you need to do is make the transition as positive as you can. ‘Coz it’s in your hands. Not everything has to be scary and not every change has to be nerve-wracking. Let’s embrace the rest of 2020 as a new beginning!

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06 Jul 2020

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