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Minimal But Statement: Neha Kakkar’s MUA Spills The Beans On Her Wedding Looks

Minimal But Statement: Neha Kakkar’s MUA Spills The Beans On Her Wedding Looks

By now, you must have heard and read about all the commotion that’s been happening around Neha Kakkar’s wedding wardrobe which appears to be “inspired” by other celeb brides. However, in all the cloth talk, most of us have missed out on Neha’s beauty looks and how the singer has almost aced in that department. Well, fret not because today is the day when we do it. 

Neha’s makeup artist, Vibha Gusain, recently spilled the beans on Neha’s gorgeous bridal looks in interaction with a media daily and we have all the scoop. Read on

Skin Prep: Less Is More


With the makeup mantra of “less is more,” Vibha happens to be one of those MUAs who always aim for natural-looking skin that follows an intensive session of skin prep. For Neha’s bridal Anand Karaj look too, it was her skin that the MUA focussed on and worked on towards a natural-looking albeit luminescent skin by adhering to a base routine: exfoliate, moisturise, oil, under-eye cream, lip balm, and massaging the skin. 

With Neha, the MUA also felt that since her outfit and jewels anyway happened to be OTT, minimal was definitely going to be her approach for the singer’s makeup.  “The idea was to make the look timeless so that if you look at the pictures after ten years from now the look is still in trend and looks modern and glam,” she shares. 

In fact, when it comes to the base prep, minimal makeup is what Vibha swears by and also has an important tip for brides-to-be to ace it. She shares: “One way to make a foundation look natural is to thin it out. For a natural look, use oil under your foundation and prep the skin well. Once you finish the foundation, you can conceal the areas that need more coverage. To get the flush, add a little bit of cream blush on the apples of the cheeks and define the eyebrows well but because the look is simple and subtle, you can go strong with the eyebrows.”
However, for Neha’s red Sabyasachi, the MUA decided to take the experimentative route and opted for a Swarovski crystals encrusted liner look. “This look had to be unique because we had already done glitter, matte, sparkle… so we thought of adding stones on her eyes. Also, it complimented her red lehenga,” the MUA shares. 

Coherent Colours


Also, notice how most of Neha’s makeup look from the wedding involve minimum colours? There’s no ombre eye makeup, no intensely smokey effect, and just a touch of blush and lip colour to complete the look. “Make sure the colours that you use on the face go well with each other,” the MUA shares. And since she felt like that there was already a lot going on for Neha’s outfit, she thought it best to keep the colours to a minimum. 

Realistic Eyes


Adhering to her minimal aesthetics for Neha’s eyes as well, the MUA went for a thin eyeliner so as to make it look all-natural. Same reason why she also avoided the use of extremely dramatic or heavy eyelashes. “I used single eyelashes because it’s easier to blend individual lashes in with your natural lashes for a much more realistic look. One can also use a regular natural strip lash and finish the look with lots of mascara,” Vibha shared.   

Pout Perfect


Now, while Neha’s radiant skin is definitely stealing the show, her pout perfect lips are the makeup detail that we are actually putting our money on. From the gorgeous nudes to some bold reds, the MUA tried everything on the bride all of which she managed to carry with the utmost ease. Vibha shares that it is not just the colour but also the prep that goes into it that makes for a show-stopping pout. She shares a tip for everyone who is crushing over Neha’s velvet lip colour, “Prep the lips well, scrub moisturise and then apply the lipstick. Finish the look with the lip liner. Apply the lipstick first and then create the shape with the lip liner.”

They really killed it in the makeup department, right?

Featured Image: Instagram 

30 Oct 2020

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