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Wake Me When There’s A Better World: Neha Kakkar Quits Social Media Amid Nepotism Debate

Wake Me When There’s A Better World: Neha Kakkar Quits Social Media Amid Nepotism Debate

Since Sushant Singh Rajput’s tragic death to suicide, a lot has happened in the past week. With the nepotism debate resurfacing and industry insider’s sharing testimonies, a barrage of questions has been unloaded on the Indian film industry and its mechanisms. And while the industry insiders wage a war against the bigwigs, the netizens seem to have taken it upon themselves to execute the purge as they go about calling out star kids for their privilege and industry status. 

The general atmosphere has been that of anger, agitation, and widespread outrage. Random cases are being filed and the celebs are under a constant scanner for their ties and connections in the industry. Consequently, a lot of celebs including actors Sonakshi Sinha, Aayush Sharma, and Saqib Saleem quit social media last week. Singer Neha Kakkar followed suit on Monday and declared that she is also taking a break from social media. 

“Going back to sleep! Plz wake me up when there’s a better world. The world where there’s Feedom, Love, Respect, Care, Fun, Acceptance, Good People. Not Hatred, Nepotism, Jealousy, Judgements, Bossy People, Hitlers,Murders, Suicides, Bad People. Good Night!!!! Don’t worry I’m not dying. Loll just going away for a couple of days,” she wrote in her Instagram post.

Neha has over 39 million followers on social media and she apologised to them all by writing, “I’m sorry if this makes anybody feel bad! But this is what I have been feeling since a long long time but not able to say it, just trying my best to be happy but not really happening. I’m a human being and that too a very emotional one. So.. Yeh Sab.. It hurts me.. Don’t worry I’m okay.. Love you guys Specially My #NeHearts.


Over the weekend, while Sonam Kapoor had lashed out on people for constantly trolling her on social media, Sonakshi decided to quit the ‘toxicity’ as she wrote “The first step to protecting your sanity is to stay away from negativity. And nowhere more of that than Twitter these days! Chalo, I’m off – deactivating my account. Bye guys, peace out.”

While the nepotism debate remains a long due conversation that is frequently pushed under the carpet by those regarded as its flagbearers, the incessant trolling of these celebs on social media is certainly not the right way to deal with it. Do we need to have a conversation here? Yes! But is threatening and abusing celebs on social media the right way? Absolutely not!

Featured Image: Instagram

22 Jun 2020

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