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Nayanthara & Vignesh Shivan Tie The Knot & The Bride’s Beauty Look Is The Stuff Of Dream Weddings

Nayanthara & Vignesh Shivan Tie The Knot & The Bride’s Beauty Look Is The Stuff Of Dream Weddings

Indian actress and producer Nayanthara married filmmaker Vignesh Shivan in an intimate ceremony hosting friends and family. The wedding celebrations were picturesque, but we couldn’t take our eyes off the bride because she just looked so dreamy! The Kollywood actress nailed her bridal beauty look so well, it’s giving us goosebumps. She looked fabulous in a traditional red attire but with a modern chic flair. While she paired her red ensemble with emerald green jewels, her makeup was ever-so warm and radiant with neutral hues.

Here’s a glimpse of the bride’s beauty look along with a simple beauty decode so that you too can attain her level of gorgeousness.

Nayanthara’s Classic Bridal Makeup Cues For A Dreamy Avatar

Step 1: Matte Scope

A bride’s skin needs to look its best on the big day and for that Nayanthara chose to go in for a matte finish that gave her the best glow ever. Matte bases will best survive all the celebrations and activities without breaking a sweat. To get this soft matte snake affect, first apply an oil-control face pack on clean skin and then wash it off. Follow it up with a cleanser and toner. Next, apply a mattifying moisturiser followed by a pore-minimising primer. Blend a matte foundation on your face and neck and layer on a concealer at the under eye areas, chin, lip and nose.

Step 2: Brow Chica Wow!

The actress’s eyebrows were so well groomed, it really is a lesson in slaying bold brows that look natural AF. To get your brow game to match the bride, first brush up your brows with a spoolie. Then, follow it up with a soap brow product to laminate them and keep them in place. Now, apply a brow pomade or pencil in the gaps and blend with a brush. Et voila, your brows are banging! Place a bindi in between your brows to look like the most gorgeous bride ever.

Step 3: Halo Gaze

For the eyes, the celebrity bride opted for a halo-style eyeshadow look in neutral hues. First prep your lids with an eye primer so that the eyeshadow lasts all day. Blend a brown eyeshadow all over your lids and then dab a concealer only on the centre of your lids so that it is ready for your halo shimmer. Once the concealer is set, apply a nude eyeshadow shade over the concealed bit for a soft shade transition and then pop on a gold shimmer eyeshadow over that for that coveted halo effect. Define your lash lines with bold kohl and double coats of mascara to make your lashes look lovely.

Step 4: Angelic Glow

To match that dreamy base makeup, the gorgeous bride chose matte formulas for her blush and contour as well. Apply a powder bronzer on the cheekbones, hairline, and jawline. Blend a toasty red blush on your cheeks and use a natural-finish highlighter on the high points of your visage.

Step 5: The Perfect Pout

No bride should have to endure chapped lips on her big day. Exfoliate your pout with a lip scrub and moisturise before opting for any lip makeup. Use a brown lip liner to define your lip shape and then swipe on a liquid matte transfer proof lipstick in a toasty nude brown shade to finish the look.

Crowning Glory: Nayanthara’s Bridal Hairstyle Notes

Since Nayanthara kept her makeup matte, neutral, and oh-so dreamy, she followed suit for her hairstyle as well. Her mane was set up in a sleek low bun and styled with a centre-parting so that her maang tikka could take centre stage.

To get her hair look, wash your locks with a moisturising shampoo and conditioner and then apply a serum while the lengths are still damp. Now, blow dry the hair smooth and create a low ponytail with an elastic band. Wrap the lengths of the ponytail around the base where the elastic band is to create a chic bun. Secure it with bobby pins. Wrap a floral gajra around the base of the bun. Use hairspray and a backcombing brush to tame your baby hairs so that your hair and makeup look seamless and sophisticated.

We are crushing over Naynathra’s bridal beauty game and are ready to take this hair and makeup for a spin for our next wedding event. Congratulations to the bride and groom and all compliments to the bride for her stunning classic avatar!

Featured Images: Instagram

10 Jun 2022

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