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Navratri Day 5: Celeb-Approved Green Eye Makeup Looks To Amp Up Your Beauty Aesthetic

Navratri Day 5: Celeb-Approved Green Eye Makeup Looks To Amp Up Your Beauty Aesthetic

The fifth day of Navratri has descended upon us — splashes of green-coloured ensembles have embellished my relatives’ beds in anticipation of the night. Everyone’s high on energy, and not a sigh of exhaustion has been let out. But delivering a new, high-voltage look every day is far from easy — especially when it comes to makeup.

If you cannot decide how to incorporate green into your beauty look, you’re going to want to check these out — from an apple-green, minty-fresh slick of eyeshadow enriching the lids to an emerald-toned, smudged under-eye asserting itself as the show-stopper of your look, here are 6 celeb-approved ways to wear green like it’s your colour. These green eye-makeup looks are perfect for Navratri 2022.

The Prettiest Green Eye Makeup Looks For Navratri


Selena Gomez’s eyes are minty-fresh, slithery, and sultry. They’re enriched with a heavy-handed serving of shimmer, and are shaped into wings. They pack more drama than an Indian soap-opera. All you have to do is pick a metallic, shimmer-laden apple-green, and drench your lids in the colour. Accent the look with a dollop of mascara to prep your lashes for flight, and spill a matte-textured pink all over the lips.


Disha Patani’s eyes are power-packed with one of the poppiest shades of green — so conspicuous that you’ll notice the splash of high-voltage glamour from a mile away. To recreate this look, dust an electric-green over half of your lid — right up until the centre. Notice how Disha’s entire lid isn’t drenched in green. Tease the inner-corners with the same shade. Now — embellish the eyes with subtle cat-eye flicks, and don on your falsies. You can tie it all together with flushes of rose or pink on the lips and cheeks.


Deepika’s eyes are richer and darker — teetering between shades of green and blue almost magically. This emerald-toned look is just like Selena’s — just that it’s a little smudged, and swivels down to the under-eye to proffer a sense of sultriness to the aesthetic. Neutralise the drama unravelling on the lids with hues of pink and nude on the rest of the face.


If you like playing it subtle, like Olivia has, just opt for a light shade of pea-green, and brush it all over your eyes. That’s it. That’s how understated this look is.


Your standard cat-eye flick deserves an upgrade. Notice how Shay’s razor-thin stripe of green sits atop the eye in all of its super-slick glory. All you have to do is draw your cat-eye before framing it with a pop of green. You can contrast the colour with an ultra-glossy brown on the lids, and sweep a hue of brown onto the cheeks and temples to pump some warmth into the aesthetic.


If colour isn’t your thing, and you prefer fashioning your eyes with jet-black flicks, let Hailey’s barely-there streak of green inspire your look. Just line the (lower) waterline with an emerald-green eye-pencil. Create your jet-black cat-eye flicks, and border them with an eyeshadow of the same shade. You can set the base with a warm-toned peach or bronze to create a contrast. Finish up with a dusting of highlighter, blush, and lip-gloss.

It’s been over three years since Selena modelled a slick of slime-green on the eyes; but the look isn’t escaping my mood-board any time soon. Which one of these are you recreating?

Featured Image: Instagram

30 Sep 2022

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