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15 *Naughty* Picture Ideas To Tease Him (No, Not Nudes!)

15 *Naughty* Picture Ideas To Tease Him (No, Not Nudes!)

So you plan to send some naughty pictures to your guy and have no idea about how to click one? Well, if you are really sure and confident about the guy and you want to send him some naughty pictures, here are some naughty picture ideas to sweep him off his feet! Have a look!

Sexy Picture Ideas To Send To Your Guy

Be it showing off those gorgeous legs or just lying between the sheets, here are some sexy picture ideas that will definitely turn him on!

1. Show Off Your Legs

Lie down on your back, cross your legs and put them facing on the wall. Click a picture of your long, slender legs showing him your sexy side! It will turn him on instantly. Send your boyfriend pictures like this and then watch the magic unfold!

2. Wear His Shirt

Take a picture wearing his shirt with a few buttons open. Show a little cleavage, because there’s something uber sexy about a girl wearing her boyfriend’s oversized shirt. In her guide on how to take pictures to send your boyfriend to turn him on, this one is right at the top!

2 naughty picture ideas

3. A Sexy Snap Of Your Belly

Click a picture of your belly, showing your navel with just a hint of your lacy panties. This one would surely make your guy go crazy! Who says sexy picture ideas always have to include nudes?

4. Less Is More

You don’t have to go all the way… Take a picture of the top of your stocking, bare legs or of yourself in a sports bra. These kind of pictures are way sexier than a fully naked picture and it’ll make him want more. So instead of looking for ideas for nudes, invest in these!

4 naughty picture ideas

5. Be Suggestive

If you aren’t completely comfortable clicking your body, you could be naughty and suggestive. Send him a picture of your lingerie or the hot pants you just bought. You could add a message like, ‘Want to see me wearing them?’ along and get his imagination rolling. You can be a lot more imaginative when it comes to sexy picture ideas for him!

6. After A Hot Shower

Click a picture of yourself in a towel right out of the shower. The droplets of water on your body would surely make this picture a steamy one! In our guide of how to take pictures to send to your boyfriend, this one is utterly fail-proof!

6 naughty picture ideas

7. A Classic Pose

This pose involves you placing one hand on your hip while you turn your body away from the camera and look back over your shoulder giving him that intense gaze. This is one of the most classic sexy poses you could send him and make him drool.

8. A Cutesy Pose

Lie on your stomach with your knees bent behind you and strike a pose for him. Stick out your tongue and let your cleavage show just a li’l bit. And oh, add some naughty words before you hit send! Of all our sexy picture ideas for him, this one is our absolute favourite!

8 naughty picture ideas

9. Bite Those Lips

Men love when women bite or purse their lips… It turns them on like crazy. Put a swipe of your favourite lipstick and send him a picture of your lips while you’re biting them. It will make him want to kiss you right away! So you see, teasing picture ideas work just as well on your man!

10. Play With Lighting!

Every girl knows her sexiest body parts, but it’s the lighting that will set his mood. Opt for soft yellow lights and a dark background. This will make your photographs look more dreamy and sexy, arousing him instantly! Sexy picture ideas are so much more than the clothes you wear, its also about other things that complement your body perfectly!

10 naughty picture ideas

11. In The Middle Of A Striptease!

Yet another great one on our list of naughty picture ideas, you can also send him one that gives him the illusion that you’re just in the middle of striptease. Send him one with your top pulled halfway off with your lacy bra just showing beneath it, trust us this would drive him crazy!

12. A Bird’s Eye View

You know that your boyfriend loves your legs, so why not make the best of them? Try sitting on the edge of your bed with your legs bared except for some high heels, and then take a snap of them. If you want to drive him extra crazy, you can also allow your underwear to peek from somewhere in between! You see, nude ideas do not always have to be about well, nudes!

13. Boy Shorts All The Way!

Just like guys love seeing you in their T-shirts, the same goes for their shorts! So why not send him a picture of your tasteful booty dressed in his favourite pair of shorts? This is bound to drive him insane! When it comes to sexy picture ideas, this one will never fail you!


14. You In Bed

Yes, something as simple as you lying in bed is enough to turn your guy on! So don a pair of your favourite shorts and lie suggestively in your bed, and leave the rest to him! Teasing picture ideas such as these definitely turn him on!

15. Bare That Back!

Nothing is sexier about a woman than her bare back. So why not send him a picture of your bare back suggestively angled? So show off that beautifully sculpted back and drive him insane!

When sending him pictures, lights and angles are your best friends. So try out our sexy picture ideas and bring some spice in your relationship!

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This story was updated in April 2019.

08 Feb 2017
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