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8 Sexy Memes To Send To Your Hubby When You’re Feeling Naughty!

8 Sexy Memes To Send To Your Hubby When You’re Feeling Naughty!

Often in a marriage, the chemistry between husband and wife gets stale but it doesn’t mean that the spark is gone. It only means that you need to reignite your passion for each other, or at least get a fun conversation started to refresh the vibe. You need to recreate and reinvent the naughtiness and once that happens, you would see your married life jump right back on track. Now, there are a few ways to be naughty, sending him the message through memes is one of them. Luckily for you, you don’t have to scour the internet, just download the ones we selected for you and that should do the trick *wink wink*.

1. Get him warmed up at the breakfast table


2. Give him a shock through the horny-meter


3. Tell him what you exactly want


4. Text him a roster of wishes


5. Visualisation is key


6. Tell him how you want tonight’s date to go


7.  Tell him what’s on the menu


8. And of course, issue him a direct order


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29 Mar 2018

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