Rosy Cheeks All The Way: 5 Tips To Follow To Ace That Naturally Flushed Makeup Look

Ayushi VermaAyushi Verma  |  Apr 15, 2021
How To Get Naturally Flushed Cheeks



Blush was practically made to be the star of all our cute summer selfies. It’s one step in our makeup routine that can make a huge difference. Just a quick swipe of a powder or a few dabs of cream gives you a fresh, rosy glow. It instantly makes you look healthier and more awake. Now that the naturally-flushed cheeks trend is at the forefront again- we are totally obsessed with it.

The cutest summer look to rock right now? Dewy skin, rosy cheeks, peachy lids, and nude lips…it’s all perf for this weather. Keep scrolling to know how to wear this glowy, flushed look on repeat all summer long.

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Makeup Hacks To Nail A Faux-Flushed Look This Summer

Go For A Dewy Base


The first step to rocking the flushed cheek look is to ensure that your skin is supple and hydrated. So grab your favorite serum, oil, or primer and get to work on creating a glowy canvas. The next step? Foundation. But picking the right formula for your skin type and complexion is a must. Opt for a foundation with a dewy or natural finish; it’ll pair the easiest with the blush. 

Opt For A Cream Blush


Cream blushes are freakin’ amazing especially when going for a naturally flushed look. Liquids and cream formulas tend to blend the easiest into the skin. Just two swipes of the blush will be enough, then blend it in using a damp beauty sponge or on your fingers.

Product Placement Is Key

There’s a fine line between naturally flushed-looking cheeks and a look that’s over-the-top clownish. To make your blush more subtle and blendable, warm it up between your fingers before patting the color onto the skin. Start at the apples of the cheeks and work your blush upwards. Blending upwards lifts the color and softens the look making it appear au naturel. If you’ve diffused your blush and are looking for more color payoff, gently dab on more product using your fingers. 

Set Everything Except Your Cheeks

Never will we ever leave the house without setting our makeup — it’s a fact. But, when it comes to preserving the flushed look of our cheeks, powdering properly is crucial and will level up your makeup game. Focus on the T-zone and perimeter of the face but leave the center fresh and flushed. 

Tone It Down

While in a dreamy world we’d get the perfect pop of color just right every single time, the reality is that we’re bound to go a little overboard every once in a while. When this happens, we suggest going in with the same blender you used for your foundation and go over your blush. It creates more of a veiled look, leaving you with a stunning look. 

Go on, get blending, and live your blush life.

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