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6 Tried & Tested Remedies To Ease Off Your PMS Symptoms

6 Tried & Tested Remedies To Ease Off Your PMS Symptoms

According to a study published in the Biomedcentral Women’s Health Journal, 80-90% of menstruating women suffer from PMS symptoms. I was a part of this unfortunate majority. Every month, the premenstrual syndrome knocked me down with its horrid symptoms like acne, bloating, mood swings, cramps, and fatigue. It began seven days before the shark week and made periods a harrowing two-week affair for me. 

Wasting half a month awaiting and dealing with my monthly visitor while popping painkillers was frustrating to say the least. So I turned to doc-prescribed birth-control pills to balance my hormones, control my out-of-whack acne, and alleviate other PMS symptoms. The result, however, was anxiety, a faster heart rate. I resolved to never take them again and decided to try out natural remedies. From hot water bottles to multani mitti packs to natural energy drinks, I gave everything a try. These six remedies worked the best for me:

Drink The Right Fluids

A serial coffee drinker like myself can take PMS fatigue for a free pass to down cups and cups of coffee. But after some research, I figured that it only gives you a temporary kick. The caffeinated beverage can dehydrate the body and cause water retention. Enter good-old H2O to the rescue. I vouch for the miraculous effects of this humble drink. That’s because keeping myself hydrated with 3-4 litres of water a day helps reduce bloating. Yup, I get to flaunt the bodycon dress even on my period!

Increase Your Fibre & Whole Foods Intake

PMS-induced cravings can lead to junk-food binging. Trust me, I ate like a maniac during PMS. However, I ditched packaged food for whole foods to satisfy my cravings. Foods like barley, wheat, fruits, and vegetables provide the right nutrition and a good fibre dose. This prevents cravings and keeps you more energetic to face the red-letter days ahead. 

Supplement Your Diet

While consuming a balanced diet helped make my PMS better, supplementing it with Sirona’s PMS Gummies is what sealed the deal. I came across these chewable gummies while looking for some PMS respite online. And boy oh boy, this natural product worked on all my PMS symptoms. The vitamin B6 present in the gummies helps you restore hormonal balance. The chasteberry can help with bloating and breast soreness. The Dong Quai (female ginseng) can keep fatigue at bay. And the soothing properties of lemon balm can heal skin irritation and acne.

Ditch Painkillers For Natural Pain Relievers

Consuming OTC painkillers to deal with cramps can obstruct the contractions of the uterus. It can even damage your vital organs like kidney and heart in the long run. That’s why I turned to Sirona’s Feminine Pain Relief patch to reduce period and pre-period cramps. Sticking this sleek patch can provide instant relief from pain without causing any side-effects. That’s because it is made with natural pain-relieving ingredients like menthol and eucalyptus oil. It is easy to carry and can stay effective for 8-10 hours. 

Don’t Turn Into A Couch Potato 

I often gave in to fatigue and mood swings and spent my entire PMS and period week curled up in bed. I realised that staying inactive for a fortnight every month was shooting up my weight and how! So I decided to change course and started with slow walks and mild stretches inspired by this video.

But guess what? This weight-maintenance practice also helped reduce period and pre-period cramps. So much so, that unlike before, I could at least go on with my day. 

These remedies helped me a great deal and I hope that they can help make your life easier too. Fingers crossed!

Featured Image: Unsplash

24 Mar 2022

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