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Whats’s Your Raashee? Nail Polish Shades That Vibe Accurately With Your Zodiac Sign

Whats’s Your Raashee? Nail Polish Shades That Vibe Accurately With Your Zodiac Sign

Are you a classic neutral nail kinda girl, a bold red nail lover, or are loud bright shades everything to you? Ever wondered if your go-to manicure is more than just a coincidence or why you can’t decide your vibe? Our manis are a good reflection of our mood, but they’re a pretty revealing indicator of our personalities too. One way to home in on the manicures best suited to you is with a little assistance from – wait for it – your star sign.

Whether you’re a free-spirited Leo with a penchant for poppy hues or a spicy head-turner Gemini who’s been thinking of trying Y2K-inspired nail paints – we’ve gathered the of-the-moment nail polish trends that speak to every sign. Keep scrolling to find out your nail polish colour courtesy of the stars, and let your zodiac guide you towards your specific style fit. 

12 Nail Polish Hues That Match The Vibe Of Your Stars

Aries: Coral Nail Polish

You are a trendsetter who’s always up for trying something new, new matter how daring it might be. As you’re usually the one who ushers in a new beauty trend, we all look to you to see what you’ll do next. The coral nail paint hue is perf as it allows you to have fun.

Taurus: Milk-Bath Nails

Loving, unshakable, reliable, and practical rather than edgy and wacky, Taureans love styles that are timeless, chic, and classic. A milk-bath manicure is super playful and statement-making, but still wearable. 

Gemini: Go Green

Intelligent, quick-witted, curious, and versatile, Geminis favour risque trends and will love the versatility of the green nail polish. Whether you see the shade as regal and sophisticated, natural and fresh, or maybe all of the above, there’s no denying that green is a statement in itself.

Cancer: Bubblegum Blush

Unlike the other signs, Cancerians love the practicality of romantic, timeless things and aren’t the ones to experiment. All the Cancerians we know aren’t overly ostentatious and love to be in or around the water. Is there a better shade for them than this bubblegum blush hue? 

Leo: Blinding Shine

Leos love being in the spotlight so a nail paint hue that draws attention to them isn’t something they’d be afraid to do. Sometimes, they love to sparkle and glitter, and other times, they prefer a muted neutral to get down to work. Sometimes it looks like a basic pink, and other times the shine is blinding. 

Virgo: Classic, Bright Red

Creative, meticulous, hard-working, and diligent, Virgos love a cut that’s as classic and pulled-together as their personality. A classic, bright red is orderly and precise, so Virgos can breathe a sigh of relief. It allows them to show off their easy-going personality while still feeling beautiful.

Libra: Very Berry

Libras are fun. They love the joy that comes with life, and they’re more focused on the big picture instead of little details. They are also great lovers of beauty and will obsess over this nail polish in the shade strawberry margarita.

Scorpio: Sleek & Polished

Intuitive, powerful, dominant, and determined, Scorpios can easily pull off something sleek and fierce. They need a nail polish with endless possibilities. Something like this dusty purple is professional and polished, but also has a slightly romantic twist.

Sagittarius: Sparkly Polish FTW!

Free-spirited, optimistic, driven, and intellectual, Sagittarians are confident to follow their own tastes rather than the trends which means no manicure is off-limits. However, as a Sagittarian, you were probably sold the minute glitter was mentioned. The shiny coral nail polish is a pinky orange hue that looks a little ombre, and it’s so fun.

Capricorn: Pretty In Pastels

The no-nonsense Capricorn is most passionate about their work. This is the sign that knows what they want and will stop at nothing to get it. They don’t need crazy distractions, and if they’re going to put the polish on, it’ll be a long-wearing, neutral shade like this one.

Aquarius: Milky Nude Nails

Aquarians are highly intelligent people who are all about balance. They can either be shy or gregarious. At the same time, but act as great mediators and are able to see all sides of a situation. They’re also incredibly imaginative and this nail paint is perf for them as it’s part neutral, part ethereal.

Pisces: Who’s Got The Blue

When you think Pisces, you think blue. A water sign that is perhaps best known for being highly in touch with their emotions means that these people live and love blue. They’re affectionate and gentle, and they’re incredible caretakers. That said, this dusty blue nail polish screams Pisces.

What’s your rashee?

Featured Image: Instagram

01 Jun 2022

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