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Gemini Gems: 7 Nail Art Trends That Perfectly Complement This Zodiac Sign’s Quirky Persona

Gemini Gems: 7 Nail Art Trends That Perfectly Complement This Zodiac Sign’s Quirky Persona

It’s time for Geminis to celebrate because it’s their birthday season! Said to have a dual personality trait or can simply go from hot to cold in an instant or zero to hundred in a second, Geminis are fierce, brazen, and utterly vivacious. They are smart as hell and have an eye for fashion and beauty trends that make them stand out. Of course whatever a Gemini chooses to sport will always be a reflection of their mood.

We know, this zodiac maybe too hot to handle – but they always seem to know how express themselves no matter what. And that’s exactly what we love about them – they stay true to their complexities even when it comes to beauty trends! That’s why for Gemini season, we present you with some of the coolest nail art designs that are both quirky and sophisticated at the same time, just like the twins.

Quirky Cool Nail Art Inspo For Gemini Season

Gold Drip

Experiment with French manicure. Dip the tips of your nails into golden yellow polish while the rest of your nail bed is coated with a basic nude or transparent hue, to recreate this bedazzled look.

Half Blonde

This nail look is giving us Barbie vibes and it also features the duality that Geminis usually gravitate towards. Pink polish is applied to one half of the nail, horizontally. To the S shape, you can add a more lines for divisions to recreate this look.


People belonging to this zodiac sign are a work of art. Hence, it’s only fair that they rock some artsy cool nail looks for their birthday month. This design features splashes of pastel hues across bare nails while randomly curved black lines make the nails pop and add an abstract element to the trend.

Bling Cage

If we know anything for sure about this zodiac sign it is that they are total suckers for TV shows and the latest trends. That’s why these Euphoria-inspired nails are perfect for them. Featuring a white base coat with black criss-cross lines and rhinestones, this one’s definitely a design to bookmark this month.

Blue Flame

Unique just like Geminis, these blue flame nails are everything cool in 2022. We love the metallic-finish and 3D effect of this trend. Additionally, we can’t get over how the flames begin at the tips and leave the base bare just like a revamped version of the classic French manicure.

Lucky Jewels

The Emerald is considered the birthstone of a Gemini and so these emerald-tone nails are just the ticket for those of you belonging to this star sign. It’s chic, captivating, and makes a bold statement.

Out Of Line

Another spin on the classic French manicure, these nails feature rainbow hues with a single colour reserved for each nail. Perfect for the Gemini who can’t pick on just one hue!

Love these nail art trends but can’t access a salon? Take the DIY route with nail polishes. We recommend:

Which of these nail art trends are you crushing on? Rock these designs for Gemini season and be sure to slay in style.

Featured Images: Instagram

13 Jun 2022

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