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6 Nail Art Ideas That Are Giving Major Libra Energy

6 Nail Art Ideas That Are Giving Major Libra Energy

There’s a nip in the air and the next thing you know we are already in Libra season- celebrating one of the coolest zodiac signs of them all. That shift towards the good life is here because this star sign is all about fairness and focusing on the finer things in life. Balance and beauty are synonymous with a Libra’s perspective and that’s why we are eager to step up our beauty game this season. We have our preferences dictated by our hair and skin type, but one grooming aspect that need not play by the rules is nail art. And we’re serving the finest inspo in that sector. Here are the trendiest nail art designs that are giving us major Libra energy in 2022.

6 Nail Art Designs To Kickstart Libra Season

Birthday Alert

All of you babes who belong to the Libra star sign are bound to love this juicy red nail art design with silver reverse French manicure details at the cuticles. It is a stunning way to declare your rule this season. This style is both classic and futuristic at the same time.

Renaissance Metal

A chrome nail look never fails to impress and this silver nail art design with delicately dipped gold tips is perfect for the glam yet classy Libra. As you can see, this nail art design looks great on short nails as well.

Party Time

There can never be a glamorous birthday celebration without a burst of glitter, confetti, or sparkly sequins. And these popping nails take the glam quotient a notch higher with a whole lot of vibrancy. Multi-coloured sequins are used at the tips of nude almond-shaped nails which makes this nail art design the perfect balance of minimal and all out glam.

True To Blue

There’s something about a Libra’s personality that just resonates with blue hues. Even Librans themselves gravitate to this colour naturally. This sparkly and swirly nail art design features blueish green glitter nail polish, turquoise blue nail polish, and white nail polish.

Animal Instinct

Another style aesthetic that a Libra can’t seem to get enough of, is animal prints. And who can argue with that when you take a look at this printed nail art design. Featuring a milky chocolate nail polish base and black stripes, this is the chicest rendition of animal print nails we’ve ever set eyes on.

Doll Deal

You can’t go wrong with vivid lavender nails. They just make a statement and claim all the attention without being too over-the-top and that’s similar to how Libra’s are always the life of the party while being their true selves. You can wear this statement polish shade on coffin shaped nails to look chic in 2022.

Can’t get your nails manicured at the salon? Don’t stress. Add these pretty nail polishes to your DIY nail kit. We recommend:

Whether you’re a Libran or not, these nail art designs will make you look stylish and fresh this Libra season. Bookmark them now and try them out to celebrate this gorgeous zodiac sign.

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26 Sep 2022

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