10 Myths About Boobs You Probably Still Believe!

Isheeta SharmaIsheeta Sharma  |  Feb 17, 2017

You might have heard a few and believed them too. They could’ve come from your friends, family or even the internet. We’re here to bust them for you, once and for all! Here are 10 myths about boobs you need to stop believing…in case you still do!

1. Having more sex will increase your breast size

As sad as this makes us, you cannot sex your way to bigger breasts. There is no proof that actually points towards this development. But, hey, no harm in keeping the search on, right? *Wink*

2. Your bra size remains constant for your whole life

That’s obviously not true. Over the course of a woman’s lifetime, she may wear 7-8 different bra sizes. There are a lot of changes that happen to a female body, over many years, that will change the volume, density and shape of her breasts.

2 myths about boobs

3. Your sleeping position can give you uneven boobs

Sleeping on your side or sleeping on your stomach does not affect the growth of your boobs in any way. The pressure put on your breasts when sleeping in a certain style is not enough to affect the blood and hormonal circulation in your body.

4. Gaining weight equals bigger boobs

While there are cases when if you gain weight, your breasts get bigger too, but it wouldn’t be right to make it a general assumption. The fat gets distributed differently in everybody’s body. For some, the extra weight might end up going to their thighs, face or stomach – the boobs could remain completely unaffected!

4 myths about boobs

5. You don’t need to wear a sports bra if you have small boobs

Breasts need support, no matter what size, during vigorous exercise. If you don’t wear a bra that gives you proper support while running or exercising, you will end up damaging the ligaments that can make your breasts droopy.

6. Sleeping in a bra gives you perky breasts

This one is a myth too. The only thing it does is make night time super uncomfortable, unless you are accustomed to it. If you really want perkier breasts then go for a professional bra fitting and get the exact size for yourself!

6 myths about boobs

7. Breasts stop growing after teenage years

A woman’s breasts will see changes through her life. Hitting puberty begins this process but it doesn’t end as we hit adulthood. In fact, there are several factors like – hormonal changes, pregnancy, weight fluctuations – that might or might not affect a woman’s breasts. Though, they will definitely see changes even after teenage years.

8. Bras cause breast cancer

This is quite a popular myth. However, there hasn’t been any scientific evidence to prove a connection between wearing bras and getting breast cancer, as of now.

8 myths about boobs

9. Your breasts are the same size

Almost all women have uneven breasts. The difference is hardly ever enough to be visible to the naked eye, maybe just about one fifth of a cup size. Nevertheless, it’s a myth that breasts are the same size. They mostly never are.

10. Breastfeeding makes your boobs sag

Unlike popular belief, it is not breastfeeding a child that makes your boobs saggy. That happens as an after effect of pregnancy. So, for future reference, breastfeeding makes no difference to their perkiness.

10 myths about boobs

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