#MyStory: We Had Our ‘Suhaagraat’ 15 Days After The Wedding!

AnonymousAnonymous  |  Mar 20, 2017
#MyStory: We Had Our ‘Suhaagraat’ 15 Days After The Wedding!


It was an arranged marriage setup where I met my husband. Both our sets of parents were there and we all realized that there was no reason to this proposal. The wedding date was set for 6 months later, and soon after we both agreed to get married, he left to resume his job in the US.

Due to the long distance setup, we barely ever got to really spend time with each other, and had no deep conversations or bonding sessions as such. Then finally, one day, as we were chatting, he told me about all his past relationships and then I too did the same. We both were sensible about it and knew well that the past was the past. We then moved onto discussing fantasies that we both have. This was an interesting conversation, but it was the only one of this kind that we had in the 6 months leading up to the wedding.

Three weeks before the wedding (which was set to happen on December 14th), I was home with my parents, sipping on some tea early morning, when we heard the doorbell ring. To my surprise, it was my fiance with a bunch of red roses in his hand! He had come straight from the airport and surprised me by arriving one week sooner than he had told me. He got along some chocolates and gifts as well.

Internal i told my husband i loved him

The same night, he also played out one of my fantasies that we had spoken about earlier. I was working on my laptop at midnight when a message popped on my screen that read ‘come out’. It was from my fiancé. I opened the door, and there he was, with two ice cream cones in his hand. It was all so romantic as we ate ice cream in middle of the night, as we looked at the moon. In the weeks leading up to the big day, he gradually made all my fantasies come true. However, I was not head over heels in love with him. Maybe I was still expecting something more.

Soon, it was time for the wedding. As we are South Indians, we had very long list of marriage rituals that had to be spread over 5-7 days. And then, finally came the wedding night. As almost every other girl on her wedding night, I was very nervous and oh-so-anxious. It was almost like I had frozen in front of him on our wedding night. I don’t know how and why that happened to me, but I couldn’t feel anything. I was not even in a position to feel his touch on me. He sensed that something was wrong and asked me if I was okay. I replied with a no. To this, he responded, ‘It’s normal to be tense about the first night. Even I’m anxious, so let’s not do anything till you get comfortable with me.’ That night, we spoke about lot of things – about our lives (past, present and where we see ourselves in the future). This was when I actually fell in love with him.

On the night of December 31st, I arranged our bedroom exactly as it was on our wedding night – there were candles, flowers and chocolates.  At midnight, instead of saying Happy New Year, I told my husband I loved him. That was the night we both finally went all the way and consummated our marriage, and it was the best feeling ever.

Now, it’s been 2 years since we got married, and our love has only grown ever since. He is always there for me, on my best and worst days. He treats me like a princess!

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