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The Ultimate Photo Checklist For The Cutest Wedding Album!

The Ultimate Photo Checklist For The Cutest Wedding Album!

Your wedding will have a lot of special moments and, as a bride, you’ll want each of those captured beautifully. You may have a specific shot in mind beforehand or your photographer may miss out on something. It happens, you know. And creating a photo list for your wedding photographs is the only way out of this situation. We’re not asking you to take over the professionals’ work, nor do we want you to hand your photographer a long and confusing list. It’s just about listing down those few, really special shots that you know you just can’t do without. To give you a head start, we’ve listed down some of them (besides the usual basic ones!). Take your pick from these. Keep it short and specific and trust your photographer to take it further from there.

1. Shots of your bridal attire

1 wedding photographs

Image: Bhumi & Simran Photography

You spent thousands on buying it, besides all the time and effort that went in selecting the perfect one. And so, a picture that shows your lehenga in all its glory is a must. Buy a dressy hanger for the shot and get one picture with your jewellery scattered on the bridal dupatta – it looks super pretty.

2. When you’re getting ready

The makeup artist working on your eyes, fixing your dupatta on your head, you looking into the mirror and wearing your earrings. Let the photographer know the specific shot you really want.

3. One with the besties

A shot with your BFFs in your room as you get ready… helping you with the footwear or pinning up your dupatta for you.

4. Motherly love

4 wedding photographs

Image: Dhanika Choksi Photography

That first expression on your mum’s face when she sees you as a bride. Priceless!

5. The bride’s mehendi

Not the usual mehendi pictures but a close up of a particularly beautiful element in your mehendi. Or his name!

6. Selfie love!

Where you and your besties click selfies and the photographer captures you all!

7. Just the rings

7 wedding photographs

Image: Weddings by Kiran Khedkar

Not the two of you wearing them but just the rings. You’ll totally need it for your engagement album cover.

8. Bringing sexy back

All the ladies showing off their backs in gorgeous blouses!

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9. Sunny side up!

Morning function? Peeking through those aviators will make such a cute picture!

10. The pretty payals

10 wedding photographs

Image: Morvi Images

Hold up your lehenga just a little bit and show off those pretty payals.

11. Exchanging a look

You and your man exchanging a loving look at the mandap. Or maybe a candid moment when he’s looking at you with admiration.

12. The sindoor shot

A lot of people actually do miss this one as it’s usually a long shot. A close up of the moment when he’s applying the sindoor can turn out to be so beautiful.

13. Twirling!

13 wedding photographs

Image: WeddingNama

This is a must-have! Twirling in your wedding or sangeet lehenga. Who wants to miss a shot like that?!

14. Just with the bros

All the brothers with the bride. Jump up in the air, have them pick you up…go wild!

15. A tight hug

With your sister, mom and granny… All the ladies in one amazing picture.

16. The stunning jewels

16 wedding photographs

Image: Morvi Images

A close up of one of your stunning jewellery pieces while you’re already wearing it.

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17. The kiss of love

How can you not have a kissing shot with your beau at the shaadi. A peck on the cheek would also do!

18. Pick me up!

DDLJ style or something more elegant. One picture where he picks you up is definitely a must!

Featured Image: Morvi Images

11 Oct 2016

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