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Must-have bridal pictures every bride should take!

Must-have bridal pictures every bride should take!

Attention brides-to-be! We’ve got bridal pictures advice that you just can’t ignore! Your shaadi maybe a 3-day-long affair but at the end of it, it’s the pictures that you will treasure all your life. And when it comes to bridal pictures there are two rules we swear by. First, hire a great photographer and second, get these 8 must have bridal pictures before you walk down the aisle.


1. Your bridal lehenga

bridal shots1

Before you actually slip into it, do get a shot of that gorgeous shaadi ka joda. It captures the lehenga details while also adding an edge to your bridal pictures collection.

Photo Courtesy: Bhumi & Simran Photography

2. Getting ready

bridal shots2

Don’t these make for the prettiest pictures ever! I personally love the bride’s makeup room shots. It’s that one moment when a girl is going through so many emotions and her transformation to becoming a bride must be captured in your bridal pictures.

Photo Courtesy: The Photo Diary

3. The gorgeous jewellery

bridal shots3

A shot that captures your gorgeous bridal jewellery. In my case, it was the maangtika. It was gifted to me by my grandmother and I really wanted a good shot of it. Besides it also shows off the eye makeup brilliantly!

Photo Courtesy: Nishant Suri Photography

4. The hair details

bridal shots4

A shot from the back captures your wedding day hairstyle, the pretty flowers you’ve adorned your hair with and the stunning blouse latkans. Before you take the dupatta over your head, do get this shot as part of your bridal pictures.

Photo Courtesy: The Photo Diary


5. The bridal mehendi

bridal shots5

A shot where your mehendi is in focus. You may have a lot of those from the actual mehendi ceremony but do get one on the wedding day too. Putting on your payals and getting ready to take the walk makes for the perfect bridal photography.

Photo Courtesy: Morviimages on Instagram

6. Sitting in style

bridal shots6

We absolutely love this one! Sit down on the floor with your gorgeous kalidar lehenga spread out around you. It’s totally filmy and an extremely beautiful bridal photography top shot you need to get!

Photo Courtesy: Jasmina Bharwani Puri Wedding

7. The lehenga twirl

bridal shots7

Brides-to-be, take note and get this one picture for sure. Twirling in all your bridal glory! It’s fun, it’s pretty, it’s the one of those bridal pics that’ll be your cover photo for the longest time ever!

Photo Courtesy: Rucha Vyas Wedding

8. Walking away 🙂

bridal shots8

Before you take the walk under the phoolon ki chaadar, do get a back shot as you strike a pose walking away! Because this is one of those bridal pics we girls absolutely love to take!

Photo Courtesy: Fotowalle Wedding Photographers

You’re welcome! 😀

Featured Image: Rucha Vyas Wedding

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05 May 2016

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