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11 *Awesome* Multitasking Make-Up Products For The Shaadi Season!

Tanaya SethTanaya Seth  |  Nov 1, 2017
11 *Awesome* Multitasking Make-Up Products For The Shaadi Season!

Don’t we all secretly wish for that one product that serves multiple purposes, especially when you don’t have enough time to get ready for a shaadi? Multitasking make-up products, then, become your new best friends!  From using the humble lip balm as your eyeshadow primer to the ‘all in one’ make-up combos, we have listed down few of our favourite multitasking make-up products that’ll help you get shaadi ready in mere minutes!

1. Primer + Foundation + Powder


Lakme’s three-in-one powder foundation is a multitasking product which gives the benefits of a primer, foundation and powder- all in one! The primer conceals fine lines, foundation blends in smoothly and the powder gives a matte finish which stays put for hours together. Perfect!

Price: ₹ 600. Buy it here.

2. Blusher + Bronzer + Illuminator


Every girl should get a makeup palette like this that containing a blusher, bronzer and an illuminator. This not only saves times but is also compact enough to carry while travelling for destination wedding. It is also an ideal palette for beginners who are trying to explore make-up for the first time.

Price: ₹ 850. Buy it here.

3. Lash & Brow Clear Mascara


Prime your lashes, comb your eyebrows and swipe down the baby hair to pretty up those lashes. This clear mascara not only results in flawless looking lashes but also stays on for a longer time. The clear gel mascara can double up as a brow definer, which is always a plus!

Price: ₹ 700. Buy it here.

4. Brown Eyeliner


Yes, you read it right! You can use the brown eyeliner pencil to not only line your lashes and colour your brows but also as a soft brown eyeshadow. This can be done by scribbling it all over your lids or on your eye crease and then smudging the pigment carefully. You could also blend it along your cheekbones to contour them subtly.

Price: ₹ 990. Buy it here.

5. Translucent Powder


We all know the humble translucent powder to be an epic oil absorber. But did you know that it has multiple benefits too? A translucent powder acts as an eraser that helps in toning down your blusher or even your bronzer. This really helps when you don’t have the time to use a make-up remover and reapply the greasepaint. It also works as a lash thickener and a matte lipstick converter. Yes, you could thank us later!

Price: ₹ 825. Buy it here.

6. Multi Purpose Illuminator


Benefit’s Watts Up illuminator can be used to highlight the arch of your brows. A pinch of the product can even be applied on the high points of your cheeks and your décollage area to add that subtle hint of sparkle.

Price: ₹ 4,727. Buy it here.

7. Cheek & Lip Stain


This rose-hued face tint is a popular favourite! Firstly, it is has a simple application. Secondly, it can be used on the cheeks as well as on the lips to get a natural looking flush on your skin. What’s more, since it is a stain, it easily lasts all day.

Price: ₹ 3,703. Buy it here.

8. Wonder Stick


NYX’s wonder stick is a dual ended contouring stick that beautifully blends into the skin. The lighter side of the stick can be used as a highlighter to brighten up the cheekbones and the brow bone while the darker side can be used to contour your face.

Price: ₹ 835. Buy it here.

9. Eyeshadow + Highlighter + Blusher


This is Bobbi Brown’s bestseller make-up product and includes five shades which have multiple uses. The shimmering powders are perfect to add that dewy glow to the skin, the individual ones make for great eyeshadows and the white/cream coloured ones can be effectively used as the perfect highlighter!  

Price: ₹ 3,350. Buy it here.

10. Lip Balm


Yes, you read that right. Your lip balm can also be used as a multipurpose product. It not only softens your lips but can also be used as a base for powder eyeshadow. Just apply a light layer of your lip balm on your eyelids before you apply your eyeshadow to make last for hours together.

Price: ₹ 1,550. Buy it here.

11. Miracle Oil


If you are looking for that one make-up product to cater to all your face, body and hair requirements then let it be this one. The Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Miracle Dry Oil can be used as a leave in conditioner, a face and body moisturizer and a handy highlighter too. You could also apply some later to your cheekbones for some healthy glow. Also don’t forget to spray it all over your arms and legs to add a sexy glaze to it!

Price: ₹ 2,490. Buy it here.

About time you add all these products to your beauty kit!