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Ms Braganza Teaches Us The A To Z Of Sex

Ms Braganza Teaches Us The A To Z Of Sex

My first orgasm in my life taught me one thing – life is dreary without good sex. And that’s the mantra I’ve lived by, even after marriage. Now, I don’t mean to brag but when Mr. Braganza and I take it, we take it to town! After much thinking, I’ve decided it’s best to share my bedroom adventures with you all. Because good sex and great stories are never a bad idea!


I’m usually always talking about my sexcapades but this time I thought I’ll familiarize you guys with my sense of humour. My husband constantly tells me that I am very funny and if dry, sarcastic sense of humour is your cup of tea then you’ll have a gala time with me too. So I decided to start with the basics – the A to Z. But of what? Sex, obviously. I know my audience, you guys!

A For Anal

If you haven’t tried this, you need to ASAP. With a lot of lube, though!

B For Bondage

There’s nothing a pair of handcuffs can’t set right.

C For Clitoris

This part of the female anatomy cannot be ignored!

D For Doggy Style

My favourite position and the best of them all!

E For Erection

This is where it all starts!

F For Foreplay

It’s more important than anything else.

G For G-Spot

Have you found yours yet?

3 a to z of sex braganza

H For Humping

And hard. Honey, hard is the only way to go!

I For Instant Gratification

When you’re so turned on you can’t help but have him right there, a restroom would do too.

J For Jawbreaker

It’s slang for big penis. Anyone who has ever given a blowjob knows why!

K For Kegel Exercises

Work ’em muscles, babe!

L For Lube

Everyone needs one on their bedside table!

M For Masturbation

After all, if you don’t want to do yourself, why will anyone else?

N For Nipples

These little buds are magical, baby!

2 a to z of sex braganza

O For Oral Sex

No, it’s not disgusting to go down on somebody you love. It’s actually gold!

P For Protection

Better safe than sorry. 

Q For Quickie

Heading out for a party and your man looks bomb AF? This is what you do!

R For Reverse Cowgirl

Ride with him to heaven, girl!

S For Sixty Nine

It’s a little difficult but once you’ve nailed it, you’re winning at everything!

T For Tantrik Sex

The long, rewarding process to the ultimate orgasm.

U For Unconditional Acceptance

For everyone’s sexual choices and lifestyles. Apart from necrophilia, paedophilia and bestiality. That’s illegal guys.

1 a to z of sex braganza

V For Vibrator

The only other thing that gives me pleasure apart from my handsome hubby!

W For Wet Dreams

How I know Mr B needs some morning sex.

X For X-Rated

A way to describe everything I do with Mr B and all our antics in the sack!

Y For Yummy

The only adjective I use to describe Mr B.

Z For Zzzss

A good night’s sleep is best enjoyed after sex!

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24 Aug 2018

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