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13 Movies EVERY Girl Should Watch Before She Turns 25!

13 Movies EVERY Girl Should Watch Before She Turns 25!

Turning 25 is like being on the cusp of two lives –  one which is pleasantly confusing and makes you venture into new territories, and the second where you finally begin to dig a little deeper in hows and whats of life, and unlearn a lot of things only to understand them better. Of all the things that influence us in this phase, movies are an undeniable truth. Here is a list of 13 movies every girl should watch before she turns 25.

1. Angry Indian Goddesses

After a dozen movies like Dil Chahta Hai and Rock On glorified the bro-bond, this movie celebrates female friendships. A real take on how a bunch of girls stick together as they take on life and fight the various ups and downs they come face-to-face with.


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1 movies every woman should watch


2. Bend It Like Beckham

She refused to hold the rolling pin and chose to chase her dream, and a ball in the football field. At 25, when a lot of people are probably asking you to “settle down”, this movie encourages you to fearlessly chase your dreams, however big and scary they might seem, just like Jess did. 2 movies every woman must watch

3. Mary Kom

“If you plan to build walls around me, know this, I will walk through them”. If there is anyone who has proved this true, it’s boxing legend – Mary Kom. This movie is a biopic based on her struggle as a boxer. If a mother of 3 landing punches in a boxing ring and winning Olympic Medals does not inspire you, then we don’t know what will. 3 movies every woman must watch


4. Devil Wears Prada

Life is going to give you lemons and apples and oranges and mangoes. YOU choose what you want. This movie follows the adventures and misadventures of a regular girl, who aims to be a journalist but lands herself in a job in one of the greatest fashion magazines in the country, and boy, she feels like a misfit! This movie conveys that, you have every right to try something, fail at it or ace it, realize you want something else and move on. 4 movies every woman must watch

5. English Vinglish

A traditional Indian mom who is often jeered at by her family because she cannot speak or understand English, one fine day decides to help herself. This female centric movie inspires every woman to not wait around for a helping hand and instead realize that she is her biggest strength. The world occasionally needs a reminder that if there is something you are not doing, that is not because you can’t. It is simply a choice you have made.


5 movies every woman must watch

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6. Frozen

Just because you’re turning 25, doesn’t mean you can’t watch animated movies *broad grin*. This movie portrays the bond of sisterhood, very beautifully. “You never give up on each other” is the sister code every sister ought to live by. Sometimes the truth might be wrapped in a hundred layers of cover-up reasons. It always pays to stick by your sister. 6 movies every woman must watch

7. Neerja

A 23-year-old purser taught the world a lesson in bravery. Based on a true story, this movie is a reminder to the world that courage has no age, gender or nationality. 7 movies every woman must watch


8. Whale Rider

The only thing that is stopping Pai from being the successor to the leader of the tribe, is the fact that she is a girl and the tradition only calls for a male successor. Watch how she proves to her tribe, that she is more than capable of being a successor to the throne. 8 movies every woman must watch

9. Queen

What happens when a guy ditches an Indian girl a few days before the marriage? This movie is a breath of fresh air, in which the “good girl” steps out of her comfort zone, goes alone on her honeymoon, and makes friends from the parts of the world she had thus far only seen on a map. She comes back being a better, more confident and independent version of herself. 9 movies every woman must watch Also read: 14 Movies To Make You Smile! How Many Have You Watched?


10. My Best Friend’s Wedding

It is okay to try to get something you really want, to fight for something or someone you love. If you love someone, say so before it’s too late and if you do not end up with the love of your life, it is OKAY. Life doesn’t end there. This movie paints the picture of a very real woman in a very real situation that everyone can relate to, and guess what? She is not the ever forgiving angel of a woman in the movie. 10 movies every woman must watch

11. Brave

Animation at its best. A princess who would play with a bow and arrow rather than dolls and houses, is being constantly told to be prim and proper. She is the royal rebel who refuses to be the ideal princess despite her mother’s never ending reminders. How often do we wish to fix things by magic and does that always work? A magical must watch for every girl out there. 11 movies every woman must watch


12. Juno

A pregnant teenager’s life cannot be easy. But Juno had plans to challenge what the world thought of as “normal”. This movie has so many beautiful little things to teach you, one of them being true love is about loving someone the way they are and not what you can make them. And when you do find love like that, hold on tight. 12 movies every woman must watch

13. Easy A

So many times in life we outdo ourselves in order to be more acceptable by those around us, and in the process lose who we are. This movie captures the roller coaster ride of one such girl who eventually learns that she does not need to be accepted by the people around her, at the cost of changing her personality and stifling her inner self. 13 movies every woman must watch GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr

19 Jul 2016
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