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Move Over LBDs, Janhvi Kapoor’s Little White Dress Is The Party Outfit That You Should Be Eyeing RN

Move Over LBDs, Janhvi Kapoor’s Little White Dress Is The Party Outfit That You Should Be Eyeing RN

Cool as the Little Black Dress might be, it is also kinda passé. Seriously, hasn’t the LBD already been done to death? Before you come at us with the ‘but it’s a classic’ argument, here’s the thing–we are bored and a little change might help our case. We aren’t saying that the LBD needs to be done with but asking for a little palette cleanser right now. Well, seems like Janhvi Kapoor is on board with the idea and her recent photoshoot is proof enough. The actress recently graced our Insta feed with a picture of her in a little white dress and we are stunned. Here’s why we want you to pay attention to this outfit:

Janhvi Kapoor’s Little White Dress


For her latest photoshoot, Janhvi Kapoor slipped into a pearl white dress and the pristine beauty will have you impressed. There are few design details as divine as the drape and Janhvi’s bodycon dress has our attention for its skillfully ruched pattern. It is powerfully feminine, delicate, and yet so bold. Rest assured, it is certainly more standout than an LBD and is sure to make everyone do a double-take. The Datt dress is available on the brand’s website and retails for Rs. 36017. However, in case, you wanna put on a teeny tiny little white dress without breaking your bank, here’s something that is equally stunning and will fit well within your budget.

Janhvi has finished off her look with glittery albeit minimal slingback heels. Well, with a dress that glorious you don’t need to do anything else anyway!

Lastly, just like we have asked you not to be constrained by the LBD, you don’t have to rely entirely on the LWD either. The idea is to try newer things and trying hues and silhouettes that really elevate your confidence. After all, that’s the purpose that the countless iterations of the LBD have served all this while, right?

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17 Sep 2021

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