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#HoliHai: Colourful Holi Dishes & Drinks You Must Try If You’re A True Foodaholic At Heart

#HoliHai: Colourful Holi Dishes & Drinks You Must Try If You’re A True Foodaholic At Heart

The festival of colours, Holi is just around the corner. Apart from smearing people with rang and being doused in every colour of the rainbow, Holi is also the best time to savour your taste buds with the best of desi delicacies and appetizing Holi drinks! You can either prepare traditional Holi food at home or rely on your local market for desi sweets.

I don’t know about you guys but for me personally, Holi is the time to hog on gujjyas and feel guilty about breaking my new year’s resolution, again. And not just gujiyas, basically everything that’s Holi special!

It’s like I want it, I eat it, I want it and I drink it!


Why Is Holi The Best Time For Foodaholics

No matter what your religion or beliefs are, food is the language that unites us all!! There is a surfeit of food items you can gorge on but there’s something about Holi special food that escapes no one. There are many Holi dishes and drinks that are given special prominence during religious festivals that have a special essence, right? Here are a few Holi special food items that you must have if you’re having a Holi party or if you just want to soak in the essence of the festival of colours. 

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Holi Special Sweets For The Sweet Tooth In You

Holi Sweets


Indian sweets are the best thing about Holi, in fact, any other festival for that matter. I mean, how are the westerners even surviving without consuming our world-famous mithais?

  • Gujiya
  • Barfi
  • Phirni
  • Ras Malai
  • Malpua


This deep-fried dumpling shaped mithai is my favourite thing about Holi. The outer crust is either made from suji or maida and is stuffed with a sweet mixture consisting of khoya, dried fruits, and coconut. Just take a bite of gujiya and enjoy a burst of sweet flavours in your mouth!

PS: If you haven’t started to prepare gujiyas, start STAT!

Drool mode: Activated


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A barfi is so much better than chocolate, don’t @ me! 

Barfis are one of the most common Indian sweet that is made using condensed milk, flour, and sugar, among other flavoursome ingredients. Upon being prepared, the big outcome is cut into pieces and further decorated with dry fruits and the vark. A perfect Holi sweet!


Phirni is a desi take on a rice pudding that no one can ever dislike! Also popularly known as kheer, phirni can either be one of your sweet dishes or the main sweet dish on Holi! It is made by boiling milk, sugar, and rice, along with other ingredients such as wheat, vermicelli or tapioca. It is further flavoured with the likes of pistachios, raisins, almonds, saffron, and cardamom.


Ras Malai

This sweet cum dessert is a perfect treat for Holi! Ras Malai is basically sweet dough balls that are stuffed with saffron, pistachio and creamed rice. The balls are then cooked and served with sweet cardamom cream. Trust Ras Malai to make every Holi party end on a sweeter note!


Imagine if a gulab jamun and a pancake had a delicious baby, that’s malpua for you! This flavoursome Indian sweet is made from a pancake-like batter which includes flour, bananas, coconut and milk. Cardamom is added for a punch of flavour and is served with sugar syrup. You can always alter a few ingredients for a different taste, such as mango or pineapple!

Traditional Holi Snacks We Cannot Get Enough Of

Holi Snacks


Not just with chai, these delish, savoury Holi snacks make those pre-lunch Holi celebrations so much better! So, if you are planning to host a bunch of friends for a Holi party, make sure to stock up with these snacks for Holi and enjoy that ghup-shup!

  • Pakora
  • Dahi Vada
  • Papdi chat
  • Namak paare
  • Mathri


A pakora is not just a snack, it is a feeling. Ah, pakora!

A fried snack that is really popular among all age groups alike, pakora is the perfect choice for literally every occasion. Chai + pakora has more chemistry than me and my boyfriend ever will! A pakora can be easily be prepared at home using besan (gram flour) and your hero ingredient, like cauliflower, bread, potatoes, dal, onions and even my beloved paneer, which are deep-fried.

Dahi Vada

Chatories, unite! 


I’m sure your mouth is already drooling just by reading the words, DAHI VADA!

They are prepared by soaking ‘vadas’, which are fried flour balls, in thick dahi. Green and sauth (tamarind) chutney are added for a punch of flavour, along with pomegranate seeds! Add chaat masala for a chatpata taste and garnish with coriander leaves.

Papdi chat

Papdi chaat is a traditional fast food that is loved by everyone! Made with love and other ingredients such as papdi (a type of mathri), dahi, green chutney, sauth chutney, pomegranate seeds, potatoes, and black chickpeas. Just garnish with few coriander leaves and enjoy a flavoursome riot in your mouth!

Namak paare

Namak para is a strip of our favourite mathari that is seasoned with ajwain and cumin seeds. This crunchy Holi snack is a yummy substitute for regular biscuits and we bet that no one can stop at one!


Have it with chutney, ketchup or even mayonnaise!


A mathri is a fried, desi snack that makes every conversation better! It is a kind of flaky biscuit that’s made with flour, water and carom seeds. Further, ingredients like dhania, methi are added to enhance the flavour!

Holi Special Beverages

Holi Drinks


Humka peeni hai peeni hai humka peeni hai! Here’s a list of Holi drinks that you must try.

  • Thandai
  • Lassi
  • Nimbu Paani
  • Aam Panna
  • Bhaang


Thandai is *refreshment* in a glass and you just need a sip to get all the feels! Made with rose water, nuts, fennel seeds, saffron and even peppercorns; Thandhai is a must on Holi!


Where my Punjabis at? 

Lassi is a popular dahi-based drink jiske bina Holi is incomplete! Lassi is a savoury Holi drink that’s a blend of yoghurt, spices and water that is churned well until everything mixes well. It is often served as a refreshment or even after a hearty meal!


Nimbu Paani

In India, nimbu paani is not just your regular lemonade, it’s a feeling that unites us all. Just offer anyone you know a fresh glass of lemonade and feel the friendship rising.

After all, we all need a glass full of energy after running around and throwing colours at everyone.

Aam Panna

This desi Holi drink has more followers than your fave celebrity because of its chatpata taste! Made from raw mangoes, aam panna is a Holi favourite and is famous for its heat-resistant properties. Bid adieu to scorching heat with aam panna that’s a hit during the summers.

Try aam panna today if you haven’t already!



Does this crazy drink even need an introduction? For those of you who don’t know, bhaang is the ultimate dose that adds extra fun to those Holi parties!

*wink wink*

An edible made from buds, flowers and leaves of the female cannabis, the intoxicating mixture is added to Holi dishes and drinks as it makes everything so much better.

PS: This Holi special drink can leave you feeling tipsy, so have it only with your near and dear ones. 


Aren’t you jumping with joy that the festival of colours is around the corner?! Keep your pichkaris, water ballons, colours and your tummy ready!

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