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Mother Prepares ‘Dal Glossary’ For Her Soon-To-Be-Married Son And We’re Bookmarking It!

Mother Prepares ‘Dal Glossary’ For Her Soon-To-Be-Married Son And We’re Bookmarking It!

Ever since we have started living on our own, my husband and I have been struggling to memorise the ‘kitchen glossary’ that we prepared to use in the absence of our cook. There are days when we forget the names of the masalas, on other days, we forget the types of dals that exist. Just like us, we believe that there are a lot of other people out there who cannot memorise all the kitchen stuff. But that’s okay because you can always call your mom. I for one do that whenever I am confused between the two yellow-coloured dals (heck, I still am). Moms, I tell you, keep track of all the dals and masalas. Tell me honestly, did you even know that there are 15 different types of dals that we use in an Indian household? Gah! Me neither. Despite cooking our own food during all these lockdown months, I bet my husband and I will still struggle to name them all. But moms, on the other hand, can name all of them just by looking at them (no, they don’t need any labels)!

And this Indian mother has proved it yet again. She made a ‘dal glossary’ for her soon-to-be married son. Well, we are not complaining. ‘Coz she is smart enough to NOT expect the daughter-in-law to adept when it comes to the kitchen. Here’s a picture that shows what her glossary looks like. 

This picture was posted by Twitter user IPS officer Dipanshu Kabra who labelled it as the ‘dal glossary’. Soon after this picture was posted, people started complimenting the mother for her efforts to help her son. 

Here’s What Tweeple Are Saying

A lot of people posted comments about how every mother should be doing this irrespective of gender. Check out their reactions:

Are you nostalgic too?

Same buddy, same.

That’s interesting!

Aatmanirbhar all the way!

Super mom to the rescue, always!

Absolutely true!


Moms truly are the best!

See what we mean?

Dhaniya and Pudina are different, yo!

BRB, requesting my mom to make one for me. 

Featured Image: Twitter 

20 Jul 2020

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