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Bye, Money! 5 Of The Most Expensive Skincare Treatments From Around The World

Bye, Money! 5 Of The Most Expensive Skincare Treatments From Around The World

Skincare is subjective as everyone has different requirements and motives (to get glowing skin or to get rid of acne). But at the end of the day, it all comes down to your genetics, skin type and how much time are you actually investing in taking care of your skin. Whether it’s following a rigid skincare regimen or just sticking to the good ol’ CTM routine and applying your SPF daily, consistency can do wonders.

But along comes a time we feel like spending our hard-earned money on expensive products and treatments because *treat yourself*! And if spending a day at a fancy spa can mess with your monthly budget, then prepare to look away as these skincare treatments cost a lot more!

Most Expensive Skincare Treatments

Somebody get me a sugar daddy or something as these skincare treatments probably cost more than my entire bank balance! And if you are a bougie babe who loves spending her hard-earned money on skincare items, then you should definitely check out these out!

HD Ruby and Diamond Peels


Price: $7,000 (Rs 5,07,553 approx.)

Yup, we dropped our jaw for a good minute too!

The HD Ruby and Diamond Peel treatment is one of the most expensive treatments in the world. And you can probably tell by the name why it costs almost as much as a car. This treatment requires using precious gemstones so that your skin glows like a gem.

Crushed diamonds and rubies are used in the peel as they work as an antioxidant. And if you are thinking that who in the right mind would even splurge out that much for just a few hours? Well, sorry to blow your bubble but Mila Kunis loves this particular treatment.

White Caviar Illuminating Facial – La Prairie

Price: $1,250 (Rs 90,660 Approx)

You know that it’s going to hurt your bank balance when you see the name, La Prairie. La Prairie makes one of the most expensive skincare and makeup products in the world. So naturally, their facial has to be luxe max!

This used to be a prime facial preference among stars and socialites back in the day but it’s temporarily shut down. But don’t you feel sad as you can enjoy all of the benefits in form of the White Caviar Crème Extraordinaire which costs a little less than the treatment–$760 (Rs 55,082 Approx).

Grand Luxe Facial – Spa Radiance

Price: $803 (Rs 58,246 Approx.)

Ready to indulge in some (super expensive) spa treatment? Then you need to book your tickets to San Fransisco, right away! Spa Radiance is one of the most elite spa facilities that you can check-in and their services are anything but basic.

One of their most popular (and hella expensive) is the Grand Luxe Treatment. For the course of three hours, you receive several face lifting and firming treatments to revitalize your skin. They also include a diamond peel (hence the hefty price point!), followed by lymphatic drainage massage and then finally, Biologique Recherché microcurrents are used for a non-surgical facelift. And that’s not it! Your skin is also treated with a rich caviar facial mask.

Vampire Facials


Price: $1,500 and $2,500 (Rs 1,08,806 to Rs 1,81,344 Approx.)

If you are a fan of murder documentaries, then you’ll love getting this ‘scary’ facial.

The Vampire Facial use your blood (yes, you read that right) to give you the glow of your dreams. The entire procedure involves drawing blood from you (about 2 tbsp.), turned into a gel-like substance and then it is used as a non-surgical cosmetic treatment. The substance from your blood is then re-injected in multiple parts of your face that helps fight off signs of ageing and treat wrinkles.

Bee Venom Facial

Price: $55,000 (Rs 39,89,573 approx)

Woah! You can purchase a nice apartment for yourself with that much money!

The Bee Venom Facial, also known as ‘nature’s botox’ is definitely the most expensive of the expensive treatments there is! For this treatment, bee venom is diluted but only 1% is used so that the entire procedure is painless. This exotic facial mask also has moisturizing agents such as shea butter, lavender oil and honey so that your skin feels super plump after you’re done with it.

The bottle containing this treatment is super costly but you can get a 50ml jar which cost you over $112 (Rs 8119 Approx.). And if you ever wondered what keeps Kate Middleton’s skin looking radiant at all times, we just told you! Yes, the Duchess of Cambridge is a huge fan of this treatment!

And if you like to keep it simple like the rest of us, then just invest in some good skincare products! We LOVE the MyGlamm GLOW Skincare Everyday Essentials Kit. It is the only Korean Skincare regime we swear by and follow!

BRB, gonna ask my boss for a huge raise 😉

Featured Image: Pexels.com

19 Feb 2021

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