#BizarreBeauty: Will You Try These WTF Treatments For Perfect Skin?!

Sharon AlphonsoSharon Alphonso  |  Sep 6, 2017
#BizarreBeauty: Will You Try These WTF Treatments For Perfect Skin?!


As far as beauty treatments are concerned, you can either stick to the rules or let your imagination run wild and free. If you fall into the latter, then you might actually get hooked onto these weird beauty beauty treatments. Even though they might not be every woman’s cup of tea, we know of a few celebrities who actually swear by them. You too are bound to get fascinated and feel inspired to try them out. Till you make your decision, we give you some of the most bizarre beauty treatments you won’t believe exist!

1. De-bloat your face using spoons!

The Asian Spoon Facial massage goals are crystal clear – it aims at restoring firmness and making the skin glow. To avoid damaging your skin, stay away from using stainless steel ones. Instead, use porcelain or plastic spoons as they’re much gentler on the skin. Also, you don’t need someone to do this facial for you, you can do it by yourself! Every day for five minutes, you can use spoons to massage your facial features and treat puffy eyes. You’ve got to try it to believe it.

2. Get a bird poop facial done

This facial was first introduced in Japan. However, in a matter of a few years, it gained popularity globally. In New York, it’s called the ‘Bird Poop Facial’ and in London, it’s known as the ‘Geisha Facial’. Apparently, the face mask is made by drying bird poop with the help of UV rays and then mixing it with water and rice bran. Some believe that applying this face mask will give you glowing and smooth skin.

2 bizarre beauty treatments bird poop facial

3. Have you tried the bee venom mask yet?

If you’re curious to try and experience the effect of bee venom on your skin, you can always get your hands on a bee venom mask. It’s basically a face mask that induces a reaction in the skin and tricks the body into believing that it has been stung. The body then responds by increasing blood flow and sending out collagen to repair the area. If you want to know how bee venom is harvested, it is a procedure where a mild electric current is run through a pane of glass. This current encourages the bees to sting and that’s when the venom gets collected.

4. Thai face slapping for the win!

Some may consider getting your face slapped to be an offensive act of violence, but in the beauty world, it’s all good. A Thai beautician who has a massage parlor in San Francisco was one of the pioneers to discover this weird beauty treatment. The treatment involves pinching and light slaps that are believed to improve skin’s texture, shrink pores and cure wrinkles! We know this could work, because at times when you need that slight perk up and there isn’t a blush around, pinching your cheeks totally does the trick.

4 bizarre beauty treatments thai slapping massage

5. We’re sure you’ve tried a fish pedicure

Fish pedicures have been around in India for a long time. For those who’ve tried this type of pedicure before would know oddly satisfying this feels. The procedure is painless and it involves these tiny toothless fish gnawing and relishing the dead skin off your feet. By the end of it, your feet look squeaky clean and feel baby soft.

6. A micro-needle roller is a real thing

Love splurging on beauty tools? Then, you certainly must pick up this micro-needle roller! It first became famous in China. Some may dread the thought of it coming in contact with the skin, but it’s quite the opposite in reality. At a microscopic level, the roller is designed to puncture the skin. This is done so that when applying creams, the product gets absorbed into your skin with ease. 

6 bizarre beauty treatments confused yikes

7. When snail facials saves the day

Haven’t heard of snail facials as yet? Girl, it’s time to wake up and smell the mucus! Snail facials were a trend in Japan a few years ago and took the beauty industry by storm globally. The treatment involved tiny, slimy snails crawling all over your face. The mucus it produced helped exfoliate skin and soothe it from any inflammations. Plus, it is packed with antioxidants, proteins and hyaluronic acid that’s good for your skin!  

8. Vampire facials aren’t for the faint-hearted

If there’s one celebrity who’s made this facial famous, it has to be Kim Kardashian! She takes this beauty treatment a notch higher by drawing blood from her own arms! The blood is then spun in a machine to remove the platelets and then injected into her face with the help of tiny acupuncture needles. Apparently, it’s believed to rejuvenate skin and make it look firmer and healthier.  

8 bizarre beauty treatments kim facial

9. Did someone say chocolate?!

For a super sweet experience, you’ve got to try the chocolate body wrap treatment. We heard that Ajune spa at Manhattan offers one the best chocolate beauty experiences. They actually mix melted chocolate and mud together and slather the gooey paste all over your body! A towel is then wrapped around your body so that the chocolate gets absorbed into your skin faster. What are the benefits, you ask? Well, apart from stimulating blood circulation, it also hydrates drab skin to perfection.

10. Interested in getting a fire facial soon?

If you were given a million dollars, would you try a fire facial? Probably not, but some did! The ‘Huo Liao’ treatment mainly consists an alcohol soaked towel on the face and lighting it on fire just for a couple of seconds. It’s supposed to stimulate the skin and treat fine lines and wrinkles.

10 bizarre beauty treatments are you serious

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