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Shut Up, Shut Up, Shut Up: Most Annoying Characters We Don’t Wish To See Ever Again

Shut Up, Shut Up, Shut Up: Most Annoying Characters We Don’t Wish To See Ever Again

If certain characters irritate the hell out of you while watching a movie or series, then you should know that those actors have done a bang on job! But, that DOES NOT mean you like those characters. From Janice Hosenstein’s laugh in Friends (Oh-My-Gawd, did you read it in her voice too?) to Arturo Román’s meaningless existence in Money Heist, we have survived it all and that too without breaking the screens – barely. 

Interestingly, Bollywood has also offered us some rare gems in recent times that will make us question if we have already lost our brains in a Zombie apocalypse. Even amazing actors like Ayushmann Khurrana can get on our nerves sometimes. From Ananya Panday’s unnecessary dialogues to Kiara Advani’s no dialogues, we have seen it all and it’s time we say what annoyed us the most!

Most Annoying Characters From Movies & Shows

If you have watched them already, then you know that you were not the only one hating them. And, if you haven’t yet, we dare you to watch them without flinching!

So, let’s get started!

Ananya Panday – Student of the Year 2


So this might take some time because honestly, the entire movie was nothing but torture. Ananya played a cool rich girl who liked to bully others because – you guessed it right – daddy issues! She was not loved in her family as, somehow, her well-to-do father still believed that his infant daughter was to be blamed for the tragedy that happened to him. She first bullied Tiger Shroff and then befriended him after a change of heart. Later, she fell in love with him (how unpredictable..duh!). And all of that after Tiger stood up for Ananya in front of her father. 

So why did Ananya not take a stand for herself if she was so cool and smart from the start? Because she needed her Mr. Right to save the damsel in distress? How classic! Also, it’s not cool to bully someone and even more annoying to be a hypocrite and judge others for the same thing!

In Ananya’s defense, she was not the only annoying thing in the movie. The entire movie was simply terrible. 

Ayushmann Khurrana – Bala


Ayushmann Khurrana aces every role he does but that does not mean that we can’t get annoyed with his character. Bala was so realistic that it is one of the most irritating things you will see in a while. Bala, a young bald man was full of insecurities regarding his looks. We can still understand his insecurities but what we can truly not understand is his deception! He married Yami Gautam without informing her about his baldness. We don’t know who needs to hear this but that is cheating! 

Also, his obsession to not accept himself and promote fair skin was OTT irritating. Sadly, Bala is still a character that we can find very easily in our real lives as well. We hope that his character and this movie motivated people to love themselves just the way they are.

Shahid Kapoor – Kabir Singh


Kabir Singh was one of the most controversial characters we saw in recent times. We are not sure what irritates us more – the fact that his character was an epitome of toxic masculinity or the fact that he didn’t even think of seeking therapy. He was a doctor, right? Shouldn’t he have known that his self-destructive behaviour needed professional intervention? His character would have been much more tolerable if he had just taken the professional help he truly needed.

Kiara Advani – Kabir Singh


Okay before we explain why Kiara is so annoying in Kabir Singh can we just say – dayumm!! She looks so gorgeous! We might not have liked her character so much but minimal makeup and peachy look won our heart. Take tips from Bhurj Khalifa girl and try out these amazing MyGlamm products for a similar look – you know you want to!

Coming back to Kiara’s character, it would be unfair and Kabir would not like it if we leave out Preeti in this list. So, here’s the reason why Kiara’s character in Kabir Singh is one of the most irritating characters of all time – because she just DIDN’T speak!

A guy kissed her, slapped her, took decisions on her behalf, and left her. But all Preeti did was stay silent. And here, we rest our case!

Nushrat Bharucha – Pyaar Ka Punchnama


Nushrat’s character was quite irritating in Pyaar ka Punchnama. Don’t bother wondering which part because the answer is both. Her excessively selfish, lying, and dominating character was much more irritating than her character of Sweety in Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety. That’s simply because she was not hiding behind any false pretense for a change!

Himesh Reshammiya – Pretty Much In All Movies


Here’s a small thing – we don’t mind Himesh wanting Roti but we would really appreciate it if he doesn’t go shouting about it. Also, he is a great composer and a very popular singer but, can we expect a little more acting if he is so hell-bent on becoming an actor? Anything but a poker face would do, honestly.

Sima Taparia – Indian Matchmaking

Sima Taparia is not really a fictional character but we are talking about characters that are irritating, right? Sima aunty must be a great lady at heart but her little support towards feminism would be wonderful! And then maybe, we can be spared from her take on colourism, sexism, and more.

If you have watched all these movies and survived all these characters, then congratulations! We believe that if you could handle this, you can survive anything in the future as well! If you haven’t watched any of them yet, our suggestion is to go have some fun!


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19 Oct 2020

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