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Exotic & Exclusive: Moroccan Beauty Rituals You Need To Try

Exotic & Exclusive: Moroccan Beauty Rituals You Need To Try

Close your eyes and imagine this– you’re roaming in the stunning blue-hued city of Morocco with your best gal pals. Everything is alright in the world. The only worrisome thing on your mind is where to eat tonight. You are surrounded by freshly bloomed flowers and every time you take a deep breath, your nose twitches due to the strong whiff of exotic Moroccan spices. The most stunning sunsets to look forward to every evening. The colourful streets that you (and your Instagram followers) cannot get enough of!

You take a stroll before sunrise every day, only to discover that this city has the best to offer in terms of beauty. Beauty treatments you might’ve never known were originated in the country if it wasn’t for this last-minute getawayOnly if it were true!

We cannot visit the historic city of Morocco currently but we can surely enjoy their well-kept beauty secrets, right? Here are some of the essential beauty secrets inspired by the breathtaking Moroccan women.

Moroccan Beauties And Their Beautiful Rituals

Golden Morrocan deserts, breathtaking waterfalls, magnificent mountain tops, shimmering sun-lit sea; Morocco’s charm doesn’t stop at its tourist attractions but it also extends to its people and their unique perspectives on beauty.

The stunning people of Morocco have used natural products to beautify & purify for many years now. The use of essentials oils, the power of nature, and the concept of peace are what we can sum up as their concept of beauty.



The Moroccans are known for their hammam- the local Moroccan bathhouse. The traditional bathhouse has been a part of Moroccan beauty rituals for many decades, even before they were marketed as spas.

Nowadays, the locals attend their local hammams on a weekly basis as their bath culture thrives for its wellness services. A traditional hammam is separated into two (or three) sections of hot steam. It consists of cleansing oneself with lukewarm water and a deep scrub massage that detoxifies the skin. They are also known for exfoliation, skin treatments, nature-inspired massages, and other body purifying treatments such as masks. And the interiors- don’t forget the stunning decor that will give you all the feels!

You are guaranteed to leave the hammam with a big smile on your face, along with skin that feels rejuvenated and squeaky clean.

Kohl Powder


Moroccans locals are known for their deep, dark eyes, courtesy- a kohl powder. Using kohl powders to define their eyes is one of the most celebrated customs in Moroccan culture. The black powder has been used for centuries by both women and men. Their kohl-rimmed eyes are also the original smokey eye! To do a Morrocan inspired smokey eye, apply the kohl powder on your waterline and using the wand applicator, blend the excess powder around the eyelid.




Roses and rosewater is a big part of Moroccan’s ‘beauty’ful culture. Guests are greeted by spritzing traditional rosewater on their hands.

The rosewater isn’t prepared in abundance in factories but the stunning Moroccan women prepare it in an oasis valley, “El kelaa M’gouna,”. Also known as the Valley of the Roses, the women living around the vicinity travel every morning to pick the Damask roses from the fields. The petals are later crushed, steamed and distilled to create oil and water vapour. The steam is then cooled to yield rose oil and rosewater.

Not just the lingering scent of freshly picked roses, the value goes beyond its traditional uses. They are known to soothe, hydrate, cleansing, as a toner, and even to remove makeup. Locals also use it as an anti-ageing serum, to treat acne and to treat sun-affected areas.

You can also spray it on your face to refresh yourself instantly.

Savon Beldi (Moroccan Black Soap)



The famous Moroccan black soap plays a pivotal in the hammam ritual. It’s a mixture of natural oils, glycerol, black olives, and plants that are harvested locally. The mixture formed is a buttery paste that smells different and is super rich in vitamin E. Most continents own their special recipe, the beldi (authentic in Moroccan Arabic) that is organically made. It’s used for its medicinal properties and remains one of the most quintessential beauty products from the Maghrebi territory.

It’s advised to use a small scoop of the soap and lather it on your body and face. Do not wash it right away but let it sit for a couple of minutes and then rinse with warm water. This will not only make you squeaky clean but will exfoliate, remove dead skin cells, and moisturize at the same time.

Argan Oil



This list would remain incomplete if the world-renowned Moroccan oil didn’t make its well-deserved appearance. While strolling in their local bazaars, this golden elixir is sold in every corner. The popular beauty potion is exclusively grown and produced in the stunning city and only grows in the Sous Valley. The argania spinosa (argan trees) are known for their nutrient-richness nature which makes it one of the most popular oils in the world. They are extracted locally by the Moroccan women is an arduous process that requires patience and hard work.

Once a Moroccan specialty, Argan oil is now demanded by every beauty enthusiast across the globe. It helps treat acne, tackle dry spots, reduce the appearance of acne and fine lines, helps with joint pain, inflammation and hair loss. It has immense moisturizing properties and a popular DIY ingredient to create face and hair masks.

My body might be here but my mind is currently on vacay in Morocco. 

Featured Image: Purewow.com / Pinterest

25 Jun 2020

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