Bachat & Free Stuff: 9 Things You Will Relate To If Monisha Sarabhai Is Your Soul Sista!

KanupriyaKanupriya  |  Mar 31, 2021
Bachat & Free Stuff: 9 Things You Will Relate To If Monisha Sarabhai Is Your Soul Sista!


I shifted to a new flat last year with my bestie and ordered some delicious Chinese food as our first housewarming meal. Once we were done, instead of throwing away the cutlery, I washed and placed them in our utensil drawer. My bestie looked at me shocked and said, ‘OMG you are so Monisha!

You see, as a desi middle-class girl, I have learned to not throw away anything easily. Because everything, literally everything, comes in handy at some point. And having said that, you may have guessed that Monisha Sarabhai (played by Rupali Ganguly) from Sarabhai vs Sarabhai is my eternal idol. Seriously, every time Maya Sarabhai (played by Ratna Pathak Shah) ridiculed her daughter-in-law by calling her middle class, I felt as if she was directly speaking to me. From re-using paper cups to bargaining with scrap dealers, I have quite proudly done all of that, just like Monisha.

9 Things You Will Relate To If You Are Monisha IRL

If you are a pro at bargaining, coming up with jugaad is your fave thing to do. And if you truly believe that free goodies are the best thing in the world, you’re a lot like Monisha IRL. And on that note, here a few things that you will relate to FOSHO!

Duh, Dhaniya Is Always Free!

Did someone just say that they bought dhaniya for 20 bucks? LOL!

If there’s one rule that you follow while buying veggies, it’s this — dhaniya is always free. Whether you’re buying veggies from a street vendor or from the mall, this rule is non-negotiable. I mean, you shouldn’t have to ask for it. The shopkeeper should just hand it to you. Just like you get a sachet of ketchup along with fries and just the way you demand some extra bags to take back home. You got the drift, right?

Recycle & Reuse Is The Motto of Your Life

Believe it or not, it was Monisha who first taught us about sustainability. And years later, I have not forgotten about it. Recycling and reusing products have been a crucial part of my life and that’s not changing ever. Yep, I clean paper cups and use them till they are ruined, reuse mesh bags as garbage bags, and empty jam bottles definitely become my new pickle jars. Doing anything differently is a crime.

Eat & Drink Before You Go Clubbing

Remember how Monisha used to carry her own khane ka dabba to expensive restaurants? Well, taking that trend a notch higher, I like to drink and eat properly before I head to clubs and fancy parties. ‘Cuz seriously, who is even going to pay for that single shot glass that costs a bomb? Not me!

Ripped Clothes Is Equal To Pocha

Do you want to hear a joke? Someone bought a pocha!

Jokes apart, you never buy a piece of clothing to clean your house. Nope, never. You use your worn-out T-shirt, jeans, or literally any other piece of old cloth from your wardrobe as a mop, but you simply don’t pay for that stuff.

You Don’t Understand Art

Let all the Maya Sarabhais call me ‘middle class’, but here’s the fact that’s not going to change—I do not understand why people hype Picasso and Vicent Van Gogh’s paintings. Just like Monisha, I also believe that they can be exchanged with something much better like my fave movie poster? No? Okay.

You Are More Concerned About The Refund Policy

It does not matter whether you are buying a new gadget, outfit or jewellery, you are always more concerned about its refund policy. Psst… here’s a secret: sometimes you buy things only to use them once and return them later.

*Meanwhile a voice in my head… that’s vernacularly middle-class Monisha beta*

Buffet Over Everything Else

You obviously prefer a thali or buffet over fancy meals because you can never say no to unlimited meals at a fixed price. Moreover, you get a dessert for free too. Do I really need to say more?

Free Goodies FTW

It’s not just about free dhaniya or free ketchup. I am in love with all the free stuff that I can get. TBH, we find a shopkeeper saying ‘Ma’am, ek pe ek muft hai’ more romantic than my partner expressing his love for me.

Bargaining Is A Life Skill

Bargaining is not just a choice, it’s an art and a life skill. It does not matter how much the selling price is, you always want it for less. Whether it is a bargain of two rupees or two thousand rupees, you are not backing out from the discount game ‘cuz you seriously do not wish to disappoint the Monisha in you.

We are sure that Maya Sarabhai would be rolling her eyes at us RN!

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