11 Easy Ways To Save Money When Spending On Beauty Products!

Sanya JainSanya Jain  |  Nov 1, 2016
11 Easy Ways To Save Money When Spending On Beauty Products!


We know it’s so tempting to spend big bucks on makeup and beauty products. But it’s not the most prudent thing to spend a week’s worth of salary on a lipstick, right? Well, we have for you some awesome money saving beauty tips! After all, your beauty regime shouldn’t suffer because of your wallet, should it? Here are some tips on how to save money on beauty and makeup.

1. Buy Big!

If you compare the prices of bigger sized products with their smaller counterparts, you’ll find that you often save money when you buy bigger products. When the price increases, the quantity also increases, which means, when you do the math, that you’ll actually be getting more out of your money. So instead of buying small shampoo bottles every month, just invest in a bigger one that’ll last you much longer.

2. Sales = Super Savings

2 money saving beauty tips

Buy during sales. If you’ve been eyeing that expensive foundation for a long time, now is probably the best time to buy it as so many sales are on! Since makeup and beauty products do not usually go on crazy discounts the way clothes and shoes do, make the most of sales and offers when they do happen!

3. *Always* Look At Reviews

Before you invest in any makeup product, big or small, make sure you read up on reviews. It’s a great way of figuring out whether a particular product will work for you or not. Reviews, often, also contain dupes, other shades from the same line and swatches, which will make your makeup decisions so much easier.

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4. Get Duped?

4 money saving beauty tips

A very simple and obvious way to save money on expensive beauty and makeup products is to look for their dupes! We’re not suggesting you to get low quality copies, but before spending half your salary on a Kylie Lip Kit, opt for a Colourpop Ultra Matte? Look for dupes of high end products and you’ll save SO much money! You can check out the Dupethat on Instagram for makeup dupes!

5. Use Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a multipurpose beauty tool of sorts. Not only will it hydrate your hair, but it also works like a charm when it comes to removing makeup. Instead of investing in expensive makeup removers, give coconut oil a try!

6. Touch Up Yourself

6 money saving beauty tips

Roots showing up? French manicure chipping? These are all things that you can take care of yourself. You don’t need to make an appointment at the salon for every beauty emergency. You can easily touch up your roots yourself with a root touch-up kit. A white nail paint pen can help restore your French manicure in minutes!

7. Multipurpose Products

Your mascara can work as an eyeliner when you take the pigment on an eye brush. Your clear lip balm can tame eyebrows. A brown eyeshadow makes for a great bronzer! There are so many ways you can use your beauty products. It’s a great way to save cash.

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8. Buy Smart, Not Expensive

8 money saving beauty tips

The good thing about beauty products is that they don’t necessarily have to be expensive to be good. For example, a good handmade soap is actually better than a lot of body washes since it contains glycerin, which moisturizes your skin. It’s also one-fourth the cost of a body wash. Before buying anything, make sure you check the list of ingredients and compare it to that of more expensive products to make an informed choice.

9. Look For Deals Online

A spa day can work out a lot cheaper if you buy it online! The world wide web is full of amazing offers that can save you so much money. Websites like Nearbuy and Housejoy have great deals on beauty services that you can avail.

10. Beauty Subscription Boxes

10 money saving beauty tips

If you can’t stop yourself from splurging on cosmetics every month, maybe get yourself a subscription beauty box. In such boxes, you get a selected number of beauty products every month to try out. They are usually sample sizes and subscription is really cheap – so much more affordable than spending big bucks on beauty products every month. Some beauty boxes available in India are Fabbag, My Envy Box and GloBox.

11. Get Sample Sizes

As far as possible, try to get sample sizes of products before you buy the full sized thing. That way, if a product doesn’t work for you, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you did not spend a lot of money on it! Beauty subscription boxes have sample sized products, as do a lot of the ‘gift’ sections in stores.

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