This Money Heist Actress Is Grabbing The Internet’s Attention For Her Desi Connect & It’s Hella Interesting

KanupriyaKanupriya  |  Jan 6, 2022
This Money Heist Actress Is Grabbing The Internet’s Attention For Her Desi Connect & It’s Hella Interesting


We said ciao to Money Heist last year in December and honestly, it was not a great feeling. We wanted so much more from the finale season. For starters, we didn’t want it to be the finale at all. We also wanted to see The Professor plan one more heist and for Tokyo to not die. Well, our wishes are not coming true anytime soon, but we are definitely being compensated by the makers of the show in an amazing way. Netflix announced in December that the real mastermind of the Spanish crime drama aka Berlin will get his own spin-off, called Berlin. It will release in 2023 and we wonder if we will see some old faces in the new series as well. Umm…no, we defs don’t want to see Arturo, but we do wish to see Alicia and Monica aka Stockholm.

The latter was one of the nicest characters on the show and we think Esther Acebo played the role beautifully. She was strong, vulnerable and even ethical. In fact, all Indian around the globe will be surprised to know that the actress is quite spiritual IRL and believes in Hindu mythology. The netizens discovered this fact when they noticed a painting in Esther’s house on Instagram. Take a look:


During one of her Instagram live sessions, Esther could be seen standing in front of Lord Ganesha painting. People worship the Hindu God traditionally before kickstarting a new project. The deity is believed to bring prosperity and success to his devotees’ life.

Obviously, this picture has gone viral on the internet and the desis cannot stop showering love on the Spanish actress. This is not the first time when a Money Heist cast member has grabbed the attention of Indian viewers. Recently, Itziar Ituño, who played the role of Raquel aka Lisbon on the show, was heard singing the Bollywood track, Chunari Chunari during an interview.

Guess what? This clip was shared by Sushmita Sen on her Twitter handle and she praised the Spanish actress for her love for Bollywood. Well, don’t we all love it when we find a desi connection in our fave international shows?!

The shooting of Berlin has not yet begun and fans are speculating that the show will be a prequel to Money Heist. As the character died in season 2, we expect to see his early life and also hope to get a glimpse of his on-screen brother, Sergio Marquina played by Álvaro Morte.

Can we please get a release date already?

Featured Image: Instagram