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Mixing Foundation With Water Is A Real Thing & Here’s Why You Should Be Doing It Too This Monsoon

Mixing Foundation With Water Is A Real Thing & Here’s Why You Should Be Doing It Too This Monsoon

Monsoons are synonymous with humidity, and humidity and makeup-melting-off-the-face are equivalents. And that’s why evolving your routine during the season is necessary. Though this evolution is enabled by putting to the test the most bizarre hack, that involves mixing your foundation with water, you’ll see why we’re convinced. Read on.

Building The Base With Water—Does It Work?

What Does The Hack Involve?

How do you retain the candle-lit, goddess-worthy dewiness of your base during humid, sweat-prone, rain-soaked days? By mixing your foundation with water. Thanks, Huda Kattan. The MUA posted a video of her reacting to an influencer, Rachel Rigler, dispensing a couple of drops of her foundation into a glass of water, and swirling it around with a brush. Rachel proceeds to smear the foundation-water mix on her face before blending it in for a long-lasting, dewy, and non-transferable application. Huda replicates the steps, and demonstrates the legibility of the hack for her viewers.

Does It Work?

While Huda terms this hack as a little complicated, wasteful, and gross, she does a ‘transfer’ test at the end of the video by sticking a piece of tissue over the foundation-water part of her face, and shows us that there’s no smudging or transfer at all. And she says that her skin has a little more luminosity on that side of her face as compared to side that only contains foundation. You can reserve this hack for the very, very humid days if you’re not too comfortable with using more foundation than you normally would. Some claim that their skin looks no different despite trying the hack, but, hey, not all hacks are meant to work for everyone.

What’s The Logic Behind The Hack?

According to Rachel, adding foundation to water separates a little bit of the oil from the product, and adds in some hydration. Hydration is a must-have to combat humidity. She says that the hack gives her skin ‘natural but better’ finish.

Here’s More Proof It Works

This influencer replicates all the steps on her entire face, and says that her skin looked ‘filtered, yet super skin-like and dewy’. She continues to do the rest of her makeup, and posts an update after five hours of application. She concludes with, ‘the foundation is still in one piece, nothing looks cakey, nothing is separating, and it still looks like skin!’

I’m off putting this to the test. How about you?

Featured Image: Instagram

22 Jun 2022

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