8 Mistakes To Avoid While Styling Salwars Or Churidaars!

Kritika RathiKritika Rathi  |  Jun 15, 2016
8 Mistakes To Avoid While Styling Salwars Or Churidaars!


We’ve spoken a lot about the quintessential Indian wear – the kurtas – but somehow, we ignore the bottoms that go with it – the salwars, the patialas and the churidaars. We’re talking about the traditional lower garments. Nowadays, most people experiment with trendy palazzos & dhoti pants, but these traditional bottoms have been around for the longest  time! Here are some mistakes that you might be making while wearing them. And if you aren’t, then we’d say you give it a quick read just to keep these things in mind!

1. Wearing A See-Through Fabric!

Need we say more? Light fabrics that are slightly translucent, especially when you are wearing a kurta with high, side slits, look quite odd. It’s okay to experiment with lighter fabrics when wearing long kurtas, but when you’re looking in the mirror for the last touch up, do check the sides and make sure your kurta is long enough to take the focus away from the legs.

1 wearing churidaars and salwars

2. Skin Coloured Churidaars Are A Complete No-No!

Skin coloured leggings, particularly the ones that match your skin tone, are just not right. From a distance, it looks like you’re wearing nothing! Pick a dark beige or another colour that complements your kurta well.

3. Stiff Fabrics!

Choose something that is more breezy and free-flowing! Wearing a salwar made out of a starchy fabric will not only be uncomfortable, it’ll also look ill-fitted and make you appear larger. Since there are so many pleats involved, you need flowy fabrics to make the salwar look less voluminous. 

4. Wearing Extremely Short Kurtas With Churidaars!

If you are not able to differentiate between what is short and what is long, choosing a kurta that ends right at the knee or below is the correct length to start with. Always choose hemlines that divide your body proportionately. Avoid wearing short kurtas with a churidaar and instead go for hemlines that end on or below your knees.

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5. …Or Very Long Kurtas With Salwars & Patialas!

Patialas and salwars look best when they are worn with shorter kurtas. Make sure that the kurta is not so short that it reveals the pleats. Reserve your long kurtas for leggings and churidaars. It’ll also make you look taller!

5 wearing churidaars and salwars

6. Tying It Way Too High!

This doesn’t seem like much of a problem for some, but with all that yardage underneath the kurta, you don’t want to create the illusion that you are broader. This takes away attention from the gorgeous kurta and makes it look out of proportion.

7. Churidaars That Are Too Tight On The Knee!

This is not just uncomfortable but it is also bad for your knees, medically speaking. It restricts movements and might damage the fabric too. This happens mostly with cotton or silk. Choosing lycra or jersey blends is always a better option!

7 wearing churidaars and salwars

8. Mind The Length!

This one is a mandate to check and re-check when wearing patialas and salwars with heels. You don’t want your clothes to be sweeping the floor and look untidy. Make sure the bottom hemline is tight enough to not let it slip out of the ankle.

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