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6 High-Key Mistakes That Are Causing Your Nails To Break & What To Do To Help Them Grow

6 High-Key Mistakes That Are Causing Your Nails To Break & What To Do To Help Them Grow

Hands up if your brittle, flaky nails are in need of TLC? If you belong to the brittle nail crew, you must be well aware of how devastating it feels when a nail you’ve worked so hard to grow, breaks. Brittle nails aren’t just annoying – they can be downright painful too. Whether it’s due to overuse of overlays, vitamin deficiencies, or seasonal skincare concerns – it’s actually pretty easy for your nail beds to feel weak.

So if overlays and tips aren’t your thing and you want to take the au-natural route in the manicure department, we’ve rounded up the bad habits to break to achieve your nail goals ASAP. 

What’s Causing Your Nails To Break?

Not Getting Enough Nutrients

We have said it a hundred times but it bears repeating – we are what we eat, Incorporating the right amount of protein in your diet can help strengthen nails and accelerate the rate of growth. Make sure you’re getting the daily recommended dose of protein every day to help your nails grow long and strong.

Improper Filing And Shaping Practices

Filing and shaping your nails may seem like a mindless activity, but it can weaken and break your nails if done improperly. To prevent this, never ‘saw’ back and forth on the tip of the nail. Instead, gently run the file across the nail in one direction. If you nails are thinner and have the tendency to break or peel, be especially careful while filing.

Not Protecting Your Nails

It’s best to keep your digits dry and clean. This helps prevent bacteria from growing underneath them.

Biting And Picking At Your Nails

Just as we are supposed to resist the temptation to pick at our face when we have a zit, it’s also best to leave your nails alone when they are breaking or when your polish is peeling. Instead, replace this habit with self-care by coating your nails with a keratin-based strengthener whenever you notice damage.

Using Harsh Nail Products

Most nail paint removers rely on harsh chemicals like acetone. Acetone is a really powerful chemical that not only strips away the nail paint but also rips off the natural nail oils that keep nails healthy and hydrated. The result? Brittle and dry nails. Instead, invest in a natural formula that can restore the protein and harden your fragile fingernails.

Using Your Nails As Tools

This is another cause of nail breakage – every time you bend the tip of the nail, you are weakening the nail.

6 Hacks To Bring Your Nail Back To Tip-Top Shape

Keep ‘Em Moisturised

While we all follow a rigorous skincare regime, and hydration forms the core of any solid beauty routine, the same goes for our nails and cuticles. Using a cuticle oil can help avoid picking and breakage while keeping your nails healthy, hydrated and flexible too. Dry nails are prone to chipping while well-moisturised ones will grow nice and strong.

Practice Good Nail Hygiene

We suggest using sharp manicure scissors or clippers for when you need to trim them straight across and to perfectly round the tips.

Wear Gloves

Try wearing gloves when working around the house, like while washing dishes or scrubbing the bathroom. Cleaning solutions can dry out your hands and nails, and polish will chip faster.

Don’t Use Too Much Sanitiser

If that’s the only thing available, then go ahead. But if you have the option to wash your hands with soap and water instead, do that. That’s because hand sanitisers can dry out the skin faster if you use too much of it.

Don’t Soak Your Nails In Water For A Long Time

If you love to take showers more than once a day or can’t get enough of soaking yourself in a bath, do not leave your nails in water for too long, as they will soften. Additionally, your nail polish may not hold up as long as you would like. Soaking them for too long can also lead to split fingernails.

Consider A Keratin Supplement

Yes, you heard it right. Keratin isn’t just for your hair it can actually make your nails grow long and strong. Keratin supplements build strength and resilience in the nails, much in the same way it works on our hair. It can either be applied topically in oil form or can be taken orally.

Chipped, brittle nails who?

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06 Jun 2022

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