10 Dieting Myths No Girl Should EVER Believe!

Isheeta SharmaIsheeta Sharma  |  Jul 26, 2017
10 Dieting Myths No Girl Should EVER Believe!

We are all always looking to control our diet or at least make it a bit more healthy, right? Who wouldn’t want a toned body that they can show off at the next goa trip?! However, there are tons of misconceptions about dieting that no girl should ever believe – because they are just not worth true!

1. Green is always good

1 misconceptions about dieting

Let’s say green is usually good. While green veggies will satiate your desires and make you less likely to snack later on, don’t always base your decisions on the colour. Food can be chemically treated to look more green than usual and many green drinks can actually have sweetened juices that are even worse!

2. Late night meals are bad

You must have heard that what you eat after 7 pm affects your body negatively. However, that is false. It completely depends on an individual’s schedule, so if you start your day late you shouldn’t stop eating by 7. Make sure you don’t eat two hours before you hit bed and you’ll be fine!

3. Cutting out carbs is good

3 misconceptions about dieting

Cutting out all kinds of carbs is not good for your health. Instead, you can opt for natural sources of carbs like fruits, nuts, seeds, beans and pulses – these give you a much more balanced and nutritious diet.

4. What you eat matters more than how much

Wrong. Both of them matter equally when you are eating healthy. What you eat and in what quantity, both have their own impact on your body so don’t choose one over the other. Eat well and eat moderately.

5. Low-fat foods will help you lose weight

5 misconceptions about dieting

Fat is good in a lot of situations because it can help you absorb important nutrients. The same way, low-fat foods can actually be unhealthy when they contain more sugar and additives to make it taste better without the fats. Make sure you are choosing right and researching enough before switching to low-fat foods.

6. Desserts are a no-no

You don’t need to completely cut off desserts or treats that you enjoy. Instead, focus on eating them in a more mindful way. Eat as much as you need instead of eating as much as you can!

7. You should start with a detox

7 misconceptions about dieting

Usually, your detox diets are equivalent to a crash diet where you restrict the body from consuming certain kinds of food. While this does decrease your calorie intake, it isn’t a healthy choice in the longer run. So until your detox diet has been specifically chalked out for you and your body’s requirements, it’s really not worth it.

8. Skipping meals is the way to go

Skipping meals never takes you anywhere. It is one of the most unhealthy decisions one can take during a diet. So, go ahead and make sure you eat all your proper meals.

9. All calories are equal

9 misconceptions about dieting

There are high-quality calories and low-quality calories. So not all calories are the same. You need to be intaking more of the nutrients and fibers that come with high-quality calories when trying to restrict your diet.

10. You can’t consume alcohol

There is no hard and fast rule about consuming alcohol during a diet. Yes, alcohol does contain calories and even makes you more likely to overeat. However, if you stick to a limited number of, and preferably low carb, drinks then you don’t need to completely cut them off from your diet.