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Bhaukal Mach Gaya: Mirzapur 2 Arrives Early & Twitter Can’t Contain Its Excitement

Bhaukal Mach Gaya: Mirzapur 2 Arrives Early & Twitter Can’t Contain Its Excitement

Ever had a loved one surprise you by showing up a day before their anticipated arrival? Well, Mirzapur fans will associate given that something very similar happened to them last night. After announcing that Mirzapur season 2 would be out on 23rd October 2020, Amazon Prime ended up surprising the fans yesterday after dropping the series hours in advance. And in case you happen to be one of these fans, you’ll understand what we mean when we say ‘Bhaukal’ followed as soon the series went live. 

And it was amid all the commotion that the viewers realised how the series has also been leaked on Telegram. What came next? A barrage of tweets from non- Amazon Prime peeps who hailed the leak as godsend. Soon after, a plethora of Mirazpur based memes and reviews followed. All in all, Mirazpur 2 had Twitter on fire and it continues to be so as netizens keep posting about the show. 

That Mirazapur is quite a rage is understandable given the number of Mirazpur 2 tweets we can currently see on our timeline. However, we also understand how you might have been avoiding them with all the will power that’s left in you given that you don’t want any spoilers and can’t also watch the show in the middle of a workday. Well, don’t ya worry because we have got you covered. We have curated a list of Mirzapur 2 tweets that will give you a sneak peek into the show without any spoilers whatsoever. Think of it as a quick feeler so as to brace yourself for what will follow when you actually watch the show. Excited? Scroll down:

How It Began


Meme Inspiration 101


Meme Inspiration 102


Meme Inspiration 103


Binge Watch Alert


Intensity Alert!


Watch out For Isha Talwar


And Also Bablu Bhaiya


A Comparative Analysis For Those Who Loved Season 1

Brace Yourself For Acting Ka Bhaukal

OOPS! ‘GOT Level Disappointment’ Can’t Be A Good Thing, Right?

On the Other End Of The Review Spectrum, Someone Thinks It Is 10/10

Always Looking Out For Epic Climax Scenes?

Aaaand We Are Waiting For Season 3 Already?

So fam all set for a weekend binge?

Featured Image: Twitter

23 Oct 2020

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