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Mira Rajput Lets Us In On The Secret Behind Her Glowing Skin & It’s Surprisingly Simple

Mira Rajput Lets Us In On The Secret Behind Her Glowing Skin & It’s Surprisingly Simple

Ever since Mira Rajput and Shahid Kapoor tied the knot, she has been the talk of tinsel town. Whether she’s in the spotlight for her fabulous dressing style or her radiant smile, she surely knows how to work the room and the cameras. The stylish mommy of two has been asked time and again what the secret behind her ever-glowing skin is, and finally, she has relented. 

In complete beauty influencer fashion, Mira sat in front of the camera and decided to have a chit chat with her followers. She has over 2 million of them and wanted to use her clout to spread a positive message about balancing a hectic routine with self-care (and skincare!).

For a quick pamper session, Mira said that she combines a face scrub and a face mask with some rose water, applies it to the skin and waits for it to dry. This time, she used an apricot scrub with a clay mask for a fast and easy deep cleanse. She lets it sit for 7-8 minutes before gently scrubbing it off with warm water. 

These are the two products that she recommended:

She then went on to talk about her post-shower routine which includes a serum, a toner, and a moisturiser. Rajput says the one brand that she swears by for Indian skin and Indian weather is Forest Essentials because they spend time researching Ayurveda recipes and scientific formulas for their skincare products, and we couldn’t agree more. 

Here are the products she uses:

She also made an important point about using and consuming less and being mindful of our purchases, and we think that it’s the need of the hour. A simple way of knowing whether a skincare product is going to work for you is by doing a patch test or by getting home a tester, trying it out for a few days, and then buying the full size if you like it! 

It’s 2020 and it’s high time we become conscious about using clean beauty products and be mindful of our plastic and waste generation. Kudos, Mira, for bringing this up.

Mira Kapoor also talked about supporting local, Indian beauty brands and made a case for #vocalforlocal. She said that during the day, she likes to keep her skin absolutely clean and apply no makeup except for a balmy lipstick. 

Watch the whole IGTV video here:

Taking time off for yourself is extremely important and we’ve stressed on this umpteen times. Doing yoga for half an hour, going for a fifteen-minute walk, or even following a simple skincare routine could help calm down the nerves. For radiant skin, we suggest using a sheet mask and massaging in the goodness for a few minutes every night can really make a difference.

Mira, thanks for giving us a sneak peek into your four-step beauty regimen. We’re definitely going to try it out too!

Featured Image: Instagram

05 Oct 2020

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